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Friday, June 27, 2014

My Hair Diary | Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair

On January 14, 2013, my jagged tresses spoke to me today when I was just “done” about having natural hair and was thinking about going back to the perm:
Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair
Sistah-gurl! What are you doing feeling down about me? Don’t feel bad about me, sugar. Yes, I have been pulled excessively, combed through with no remorse, and burn with every last heating tool you can splurge on me. But, I am still here with ya. I will always be here for ya, honey…and do you know why? It’s because we are connected. That’s right, connected! You can’t get rid of me that easily. I will always be here."

"Ya worked your numbs in me for years with no hope of recovering, but I was still here holding on by my jagged locks. You have used countless products on me…how many was that just today? Mmm, I believe it was about 11 products AT ONCE you have used on me in one sitting; but greasy and all, I was still here for you. I will never leave ya, sugar!"

"I know you have tried ya hardest and I know you have cried over me time and time again, even a few times during the Wash Day process…Gurl, wipe them tears and pick your head up when I’m talking to you! You will be just fine. In fact, I should be the one crying and boo-hooing all over them floors right now, but I’m not. So I suggest that you get your rootin’-tootin’ self up and dust your pants off! Try again…and if that does not work? Guess what…try again! Try over and over until you accept that I will always be here."

Don't Give Up On Your Natural Hair
"Love button, you know what? The best decision you made for me was to grow me out natural. And I love you so much for that! Dumpling cakes, keep on using ya products and keep up the effort to find that regimen that will work for you and for me. Yes, you are a crazed product junkie, but you are trying your best to care for me. Oh, I tell ya what! You will never, ever, EVER-EVER put another relaxer, chemical, color, or anything other yahoos on me ever again. So get used to me sistah! You will be with me for a very long time…So let’s get it done."

"So try again, honey…pick up your hands. Let's start with a massage…”


After that talk with her, I did just what she said and tried again. That day I did my first successful roller set. My spirits were high and I became dedicated to my hair and to care for her always.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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