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Monday, June 2, 2014

Contributing Article | Ready To Go Natural?

Ready To Go Natural? 14 Reasons Why You Should

Every decision has it's reasons...what would be the reason to go natural?

For me personally, going to the salon got way too expensive, I wanted to learn my own hair , and I absolutely love the versatility of natural hair. If you make the decision to go natural, make sure that it is your own decision and not anyone pressuring you.

Remember that this is your hair and your journey. Make the right one for you alone.

Check out 14 Reasons To STAY Natural on Naturally Curly.

Going natural is not for everyone and every lifestyle. There is no need to force anyone to go natural or to make any decision they don't want to make. If you need more help with that, check out 6 Tips On How To Help Others To Go Natural on Black Hair Information.

Natural hair says: whether you are looking for change, encouraging your daughters to love their hair, or debunking the European and western standards of beauty, make sure you are making this decision for you.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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