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Sunday, June 1, 2014

My Hair Diary | The Birth of My Natural Hair

“My hair will never grow nor be healthy ever again! I give up!!!”

My Natural Hair Journey | The Birth of My Natural

This was me back in 2007; I did not know what to do with my messed-up hair. I had always gone to the beauty shop to get my hair done, so I was neither taught nor learned how to care for it. I had burns and countless damage from being relaxed, done by a “professional” stylist.

I had heat damage and split ends from all the times I would straighten my hair, nearly every day, with no heat protectant. My hair was greatly uneven due to the myth that “if you cut your hair, it will never grow back.” Crying myself to sleep every night, I was at a loss. I gave up on my hair …

Senegalese Twists And Full Sew-Ins

Thinking I could never do anything with my jagged tresses, I began to get Senegalese twists and full sew-ins. I would keep each style for at least 8-10 weeks with 2 days of rest for my hair, then another long term style.

Still na├»ve, I noticed some growth around May 2010. My hair had finally reached neck length! I was so excited…so what did I do? I decided to get my hair permed once again AND colored caramel-blonde…by the same stylist who gave me the relaxer back in 2007. Yea, I should have known that this would not come out right. Double-processed hair in the same sitting is a big NO-NO, but I did not know that at the time (the stylist should have known!)

Relaxed, Colored, And Damaged Hair
But hey, I was excited about my new doo. It was by the grace of God my hair did not fall out! During this time I was in college; so, I did not have the funds to get a relaxer every 8 weeks. So what did I do? Back to Senegalese twists *sigh*

Transitioning To Natural Hair

On April 1, 2012, I had an epiphany! “What if I just learn how to care for my own hair?” I decided not to get any more relaxers nor color touch ups ever again (plus I had no money in college). I did not have the courage to big chop and my family was surely against it; so, I tapered the back of my hair with 3 inches left on the top and decided to transition. Oh yes, I worked it out!

It would be no time before the relaxed ends would either fall off or be trimmed off. I did a lot of roller sets and faux hawks during this time.

1 Year Natural

On October 1, 2012, I trimmed the last of the relaxed hairs off and looked at myself in the mirror…wow…I’m natural! Now I’m on the right track for my hair journey! I danced and danced for a long time; I was so proud of myself for getting through all the hurt, pain, and agony from 2007 to 2012. This was the beginning of my healthy-natural hair journey.

Since that day, I have kept a hair diary full of everything hair related: from the gorgeous hair styles to the duds. I also kept product reviews with regimens I have tried, what products worked, what did not, and what to try next time. I have even recorded many kitchenista recipes for my own products and hair care. I have hair crushes I follow for natural hair tips and styles to try and evolve for myself (MahoganyCurls , Naptural85, and Urban Bush Babes).

To this day, this journal is what I lean on and trust to continue to perfect the products I use, the regimens I follow, and the styles to try.
My Mane Speaks | Strut The Puff, Sweet Girl!

My 3 year Naturalversary is October 1, 2015 and I am so proud that I have encouraged myself with all the support from others. Now, I help many who are already natural and who are transitioning to natural. Even ladies who are not natural, would come to me for support and I would encourage and help them get on track for a healthy hair journey.
My Mane Speaks | You Better Work Your Fro

I have researched and experienced lots of fun and terrifying things during my hair journey. I'm definitely still learning and understanding my hair every time I hit a milestone. I keep up with my goals and I will always have lots of fun with my hair.

Natural hair says: wherever you are at in your hair journey, love yourself continuously. Do this for you and only you. I now know how to care for my hair, but more so, I keep a positive attitude about myself and my luscious mane.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Awesome journey. I'm transitioning now and have little hope, but I'm pressing through. I really want natural hair for the health of my hair and I love coils and kinks. You just inspired me to continue on!

  2. Thanks a bunch! I appreciate the encouragement. Continue with your hair journey!!


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