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Monday, June 30, 2014

Healthy Hair Ingredient | DIY Products For Healthy Hair!

Going Green With Green Tea 
"Honey, why do you have 11 spray bottles and a big jug of Aloe Vera Juice in the refrigerator?”

My husband has asked me variations of these questions many times over when I started making my own hair care products. I answer with the same phrase, “I am a proud Kitchenista!” He just shakes his head and continues to look for something to eat…

Yes, that’s right…I am a kitchenista. According to Sharifa Barnett, The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide to Growing Long Haira kitchenista creates and modifies her own hair products. She uses herbs, oils, and food ingredients in her mixes. The benefits of being a kitchenista will reduce the amount of chemicals and commercial goods used and the ingredients are organic and/or natural.

Flaxseed Gel
However, the shortcomings of being a kitchenista can be expensive in a long run and time consuming. The process of creating your products can be very messy, the products have a short shelf life, and you have to find the right balance of how the ingredients will react to each other and to your hair. I have had many ups and downs by being a kitchenista, but I thoroughly enjoy it.

Now being a kitchenista requires me to have my own space to place my products as well, since I use oils, herbs, and other food ingredients in my mixtures. Usually, I would have my oils in the bathroom and my products in the refrigerator (especially those including Aloe Vera Juice). So yes, it can get very messy in both places. If you are a kitchenista or thinking about becoming a kitchenista, this is what I suggest for less traffic at your home and to simplify your hair care needs:

Clean up after yourself RIGHT THEN AND THERE
Don’t wait until the end of the process. You may get tired after you have completed your Wash Day or your mixture session. It is easier to work in stages.

Work in only one area

Create your mixtures before you wash or moisturize your hair, wherever you tend to do it. This way you do not need to go from the kitchen, to the bathroom, back to the kitchen, to your bedroom, and forgot you need something else from the kitchen.

Have a designated place for your products

Whether you place your products in the refrigerator, the medicine cabinet, or on your shelves in your closet, pick a space for your mixes. If you live alone, this will be easier for you to know where your products are when you are ready to use them.

If you have a family, this will eliminate the struggle for your husband to ask if the oil in the cabinet is safe to use when they want to fry chicken and for your children to declare that the pudding tastes like old butter.

Here are some DIY recipes to try for yourself:

Natural hair says: being a kitchenista is fun and helps you learn more about your hair and what your hair needs. But please, find space for all of your potions. This is will make everyone happy.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

* Barnett, Sharifa, The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide To Growing Long Hair. Cornelius, NC: James Pascoe Publishing, 2012.

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