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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hair Tips | Don't Let Your Hair Go Down The Shower Drain!

A Complete Regimen For Fine, Natural Hair
You've been waiting all week (or few days) to wash your hair. Pre-pooing with coconut oil could not have come quick enough or you decided to co wash with your conditioner just to get the job done.

You even hit two birds with one stone with cleansing your body after a productive work out (or washing the laziness off after watching 15 episodes your fav TV show). "Oh Wash Day! How I love you...let me count the ways!"

So time to rinse your hair out and leave the shower; however, when you are getting ready to step out, you see pieces of hair on the bathtub floor...what do you decide to do?

Oh! Don't act like you really take the time to clean your hairs up. You let the water carry those pieces to the shower drain and don't have a second thought about it...um what?!

Yes, we have all been guilty of this habitual habit. Especially if you are a kitchenista, like me, the washing session can take from 2-3 hours including creating the products you are using just for that day. So who feels like cleaning up the mess after you finally dried your hair and put your satin cap on to sleep that evening? I know it's a pain; but just like you clean up your products, you MUST clean the hair up every washing session or suffer the consequences...

Hair Tips | Don't Let Your Hair Go Down The Shower Drain!

Sure, choose not to heed my warning and flush the hair down the drain all you want; after a while, you will be sorry! A few times of flushing your hair down the drain, the water will go down slowly during your shower. Then one day, the water will not go down at all and you are standing in murky water full of hair products and body "extras." Gross! So to avoid this I suggest that you:

  • Purchase a hair catcher. You would place this over your drain to catch the hair. After, pick up the catcher and throw the hair away. These can be purchase on Amazon.com or your local store from $5 - $20. 
  • Place a rag or two a few inches before your shower drain. This method will allow the water to go down the drain and the rags to catch your hair. After the washing session, pick the rags up and manually pick the pieces of hair off and throw them away.
  • As you wash your hair and pieces end up on your fingers, DO NOT use the water to rinse the hair off. Have a paper towel nearby and wipe your hands on it. After the washing session, just throw the paper towel away.

Hair Tips | Don't Let Your Hair Go Down The Shower Drain!

Now if you are past the point of no return with hair already in your drain, you need to get to work. No need to call a plumber or your dad. Here are my suggestions:

  • Unbend a metal hanger in a way that it creates a hook. Pick the hair up by the hook and place on paper towel. This will take some time but it is effective.
  • If you are gritty enough and you don't have a weak stomach, use your fingers to pick the hair out the shower drain. Please sanitize your hands afterwards.
  • If you are not able to pick the last few pieces, run hot boiling water down the drain. The hot water will cause those pieces to wash out and run down the drain. ONLY do this when most of the hair is out
I know this subject is disgusting and just plain gross, but we are all guilty of this. Don't be embarrassed. It's all love from me to you.

Natural hair says: If you live alone, then okay you have all the time in the world to clean your drain out. But if you are living with another person or more, get it together and clean the drain!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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