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Monday, July 7, 2014

My Hair Diary | Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

Hmmm...can you tell me what's wrong with this picture?

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

Don't worry, I'll wait...

...Yes, I did it! Yes, I regret it...and yes, I am REALLY DUMB for doing something like that to my hair ALL FOR A STYLE! 

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair
Around April 2013 (few months after going natural) I went over my friend's house for a fun get-together. I saw a friend of my friend who had long, pretty hair and inquired about it. She said she had a partial sew-in. I have heard of them before with celebrities wearing them, but did not know much about them. I was so intrigued and asked her more... 

She said that she was natural with her edges relaxed and gets straight and wavy partial sew-ins. I thought that was the weirdest thing I've ever heard. How can you be natural, but have relaxed edges?!?! However, at the same time I was very interested in this styling technique. So I went to her beautician and got a straight partial sew-in; but at this time, I did not get my edges relaxed.

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair
That day my husband and I went out on a date and it just happened to be extra windy. My flat ironed natural started to revert terribly and I surely was not going to straighten my hair every day. So what did I do? I went back 2 days later and got my edges relaxed...now thinking about it, that was the worst decision I made for my hair. And, it was ALL FOR A STYLE!
Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

But whoo on that day? When my hair was finished getting beautified, I was amazed at how I looked! I loved my hair!!! I felt like America's Next Top Model or one of the vixens on music videos. I loved my new look! But this did not last for long...I kept my sew-in for 2 months.

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair
When I took my hair out, I immediately cried...I destroyed my hair. I thought about all the work I did to grow my natural out and questioned myself over and over why I would do such a thing to my precious tresses. Now that my edges were relaxed, I just did not know what to do with it at all. I could not do many out styles. So I had to go back to square one and do protective styling all over again. I could not even enjoy the length of my hair or really have fun with it.
Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

Baby steps again...But like I said it was ALL FOR A STYLE. 

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair
So to grow my natural back, I went to my ol' faithful style, Senegalese Twists. I did two sets for 10 weeks each with 2 weeks in between and decided I would just cut the front of my hair to bangs (to my eyebrows) and just cut the edges up to the nape and sides. I think in all I cut about 6 inches of hair! 
Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

As I saw there were about 2 inches left of relaxer, I would do my own hair in styles where the permed parts would be difficult to spot (protective or curly sets). I was determined to grow my natural out again and I promised myself that I would NEVER get another relaxer! Now, if I would get a sew-in it would only be a full one. And that's it!

For me, this style was not worth it... 

Fortunately at this time I was pregnant, so my hair grew faster and much more prominent than before. It took me about 6 months to grow my natural hair and edges back to between neck and shoulder length...I was so delighted to have my funky natural for the second-first time again. I will never, ever, ever, ever do that mess again!

Regretting The Partial Sew-In With Natural Hair

This styling option makes no sense for a naturalista to have and it's not worth the style for your precious curls. But if you decide to get your edges relaxed for a partial style, that's your business...however, I would warn that you would have two textures to care for and your edges will be damaged after a few partials. Take time between each partial (just like any other protective style) before you decide to do another one. But remember you will have to touch up your edges as well (NO MORE RELAXERS FOR ME EVER SMH).

Natural hair says: DON'T GET A PARTIAL STRAIGHT SEW-IN IF YOU ARE NATURAL!!! It's just not worth the hype.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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