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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Hair Diary | Natural Hair Mistakes & Duds Do Happen

Natural Hair Duds Vs Roses
I love to go on Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube get hair style ideas to try on myself. The people I would look at hair always have gorgeous hair, everytime! I would think, “How are their styles perfect every time?” Well I come to tell you that duds do happen…not all styles I have tried are roses.

There was a time I had to do Wash Day twice in a day because the first hair style was jank!! Then there were times I did not allow my hair to dry (twist outs, flexi rods, etc.) like the way I was supposed to. Sometimes my duds happen because the products that were used were not used to maintain a style. So with this being said, it takes practice and patience when trying a new style or even to evolve a regimen that you have already established but to make better. Here are my past duds and roses:

Natural Hair Duds Vs Roses

Dud: flexi rod set 

This was the first time I tried a flexi rod set and I was completely my fault why this did not work. I use 1:3 LottaBody to set my hair; I saw all the raving reviews about this product. I let it dry overnight…this style turned out to be one droopy mess! And of course it was because my hair was not dried all the way, especially at the crown of my head. I wore an Afro that day.

Rose: flexi rod set 2
This is my second time trying this style with the same 1:3 LottaBody to set my hair. I did a wet set and air dried until my hair was a bit damp (about 3 hours). Then I sat under the dryer for 30 min, to ensure dryness. This ended up being really cute and the LottaBody really came through for me.

Natural Hair Duds Vs Roses

Dud: flat iron hair/saran wrap
I did my Wash Day and used AVJ and Fantasia serum when my hair was damp. I put rollers in my hair and slept with them at night (will never do again! So uncomfortable). When I took them out UTTER DISASTER! So I wrapped my hair around my head and placed saran wrap around to create a cocoon, then sat under the dryer for 20 min and flat ironed my hair. My hair was disgusting looking and really greasy. So I wore a puffy ponytail and did my Wash Day the next day. (BTW!!!! Don't do what I did...my hair was a mess after all I did to it)

Roseflat iron hair 
I did my Wash Day and while damp I use my Fantasia serum,Tresseme heat tamer, and Moroccan oil leave in.  Then I used the tension method to dry and that worked out nicely. I put my hair in twists for the night…next day I used grape seed oil for straightening, which turned out better last time. I even used my curling iron and curled the ends for a bouncy look. Less puffy! Throughout the day my hair started becoming puffy because of the humidity. Turned out to be a pretty style, but definitely time consuming.

Natural hair says: when doing any new or evolving hair styles, it’s great to get ideas from your hair crushes; however, you must learn your own hair and what your natural needs. If you end up with a dud, don't give up. Try another product or regimen. You will get there!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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