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Monday, July 14, 2014

Product Review: Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry

I'm really upset about this hair...like seriously? You will put this hair out to represent you and your company. If you are guessing what's up, this is a post about literally hating this hair...

Product Name:

Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry 10 inch

Price, Length, And Packs:

2 packs of 8 inch, color 8 - $30 each (BSS)

My Experience And Thoughts:

Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry

You see that picture above? My hair clearly did not come out looking like the model!!

But that's okay really. I was going for the kinky look. I used this hair for a full sew in with an invisible part. I kept this style for 3 weeks.

When I first got this style, I was on top of the world. I had a full kinky sew-in and it looked like my hair! I absolutely loved the curly-aspect hair! It had a beautiful curly pattern and the short length was great for low maintenance.

The hair I used is part of the wet and wavy family. So it could be straightened and be wet again for the wavy-curly look. It was nice...for about a week.

Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry Product Review

Cons Of The Experience:

Sheds, mats, tangles, look like a "chia-pet" after 1 week, hard to maintain the look, had to GHE wrap nightly, hard to wrap at night without getting "hat hair" in the morning, itchy, synthetic-looking
Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry

This hair was great for the first 4-5 days. But it would start to tangle and mat up. Just crazy-looking. And the shedding was horrific! Had to wet my hair every morning and again in evening to detangle. This was even tough to wrap at night. The maintenance was really terrible.

I tried so many ways to wrap my hair at night. I tried jumbo twists, rollers, and even Bantu knots to work with it, but it failed me every time. After a while I bob-cut my hair for a bit more style, but still nothing. I was having no luck with this installment.
This hair is pretty but I would suggest this as a wig instead of sew in.


Natural hair says: you get what you pay for...can't be mad at the company. 

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

*This is a product review for Janet Collection Tru Afro Jerry, which was purchased with my own money and is my honest review.

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