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Monday, July 21, 2014

Product Review: Outre Velvet Remi 100% Human Hair Straight - Yaki

I just had to give a product review about this hair...and nope! I'm not happy with this hair at all!!

Product Name:

Image result for Outre Velvet Remi 100% Human Hair Straight - Yaki
Outre Velvet Remi 100% Human Hair Straight - Yaki

Price, Length, And Packs:

2 packs of 14 inch, color 1b - $95 each (BSS)

Product Description:

Outre provides the leading edge in hair fashion. From professional women to high fashion models, our clients command and receive the best products and high-level of service. Outre offers the widest variety of colors, lengths, and styles to meet your needs.


Close to looking like human hair and can create great curl and wave patterns


Gets oily, massive shedding, looks synthetic after the first wash, did not like the "closure" piece on top
Outre Velvet Remi 100% Human Hair Straight - Yaki

My Experience And Thoughts:

This was my first and the last time I would get this hair! I definitely wasted my money with a brand that I thought was a good one.

After 2 weeks my hair started shedding terribly all the way until I took the weave out (8 weeks). I really tried my best with this hair. It would tangle badly as well. Even after the washes it started looking cheap and synthetic the more and more I did so. It was really just embarrassing and gross, but I really tried to work with the hair...and get my money's worth.

After a while I cut the bang into Chinese bangs for a little more depth in the style. Now I really liked the style, but the hair was just "shed-city," which made the experience bad.

Now the closure piece could have been better. I don't remember what brand I used, but I really didn't like the closure piece on top. It looked like an ant hill on top of my head. It never flattened during the journey no matter what I did.

After a while, the hair looked so oily and greasy - even when I was done cleansing it. It always looked oily and cheap. I was not happy with this hair...I got this done in the winter, so I mainly wore hats to cover up the hair.

However, my own natural hair was flourishing (especially my edges) so the full sew-in did something right for me. My edges were not part of the sew-in, per request. I babied them throughout the entire 8 weeks with coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and lavender essential oil.

The hair itself was such a disaster for me and my life. I really wanted to like the hair, but...


Natural hair says: if you are new to getting weaves and sew-ins, don't fret. Continue to do your research for what kind of styles and hair you want. Take notes once you get your weave so you know whether to get it again or not even think about it again.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

*This is a product review for Outre Velvet Remi 100% Human Hair, which was purchased with my own money and is my honest review.

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