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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Product Review: Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky

Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky


Sensationnel Goddess Remy Straight 14" 
1 1/2 packs ($75 each, BSS)


natural silky look, little to no shedding, human hair, easy to hold curls/waves, not oily/greasy, easy to wash 


relaxed edges for the style, cannot use much oil for scalp 

My Experience:

When I first got the partial, my hair was all natural and I had my hair flat ironed. It lasted for...maybe 30 min before it started to revert (it happened to be windy that day). I kept asking myself, "Should I perm my edges just for this style? What about my natural?" Well, I basically answered, "It will grow back," and 2 days later my hair was permed. I didn't even pray on it...I just jumped at my decision...

...well I remember saying "bye bye natural...you will grow back." So I did my best to make this style work for me. My hair was absolutely perfect. I was loving every moment I had with this hair. Of course, using too much butter and oils are a NO-NO so I used most of my products in watered-down applicator bottles.

I still cared for my hair underneath and I was very pleased with this style. When I washed my hair, I put my hair in 4 loose plaits and ran water down the weave. Then sit under the dryer for 45 minutes to ensure my foundation was dry. I was especially happy that my weave did not shed as much and I was able to do many styles with this installment.

I kept this for about 10 weeks before taking out. I really appreciated the style and I would definitely get the hair again. The hair was absolutely awesome!! And I was definitely happy with the results and it had way more pros than cons. However...

I will NEVER perm my edges again!!!


Natural hair says: If you are up to wearing weave and extensions, PLEASE do your research on the hair and the style. Make sure to take notes and to document your journey with your style for pros and cons. You could help others and yourself for possible future wears.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

*Here are my review of Sensationnel Goddess Select Remi Human Hair Weave -Yaky with a 14inch. This review is honest and the hair was purchased with my own money.

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