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Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy Hair Challenge | Summer Castor Oil Challenge 2014: 1 Inch in 3 Months!

Summer Castor Oil Challenge
Done with the challenge and so excited about my results!

This challenge is brought to you by Kinky Curly Coily Me where Jenell Stewart is main gal to be reckoned with. With this being my first time and loving hair challenges and learning the benefits of using castor oil, I thought I would give it a go!

The Challenge

Timeframe: June 2014 to September 2014
Types: Humco Castor Oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil
How: massage scalp and edges 4/wk, use in deep conditioner (Shea Moisture Masque), and use for ends 

The Rules

You can use any type of Castor Oil you desire ( Regular Pharmacy Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, etc.) Get your castor oil right away so you have it in time for the beginning of the challenge. *You must apply the castor oil to your hair/scalp 3x’s a week at the minimum.

My Journey

Summer Castor Oil Challenge
I really enjoyed this challenge for the past 3 months. My motivation was that I needed a consistent regimen. I had my products, but I would not stick with anything. So this challenge helped with consistency. During this experience I realized that it's really simple to take care of my hair and that I don't need 50 products to keep my hair healthy.

The Start and Finished Results

My growth is definitely more than average. I retained a full inch in three months. As you can see, my hair went from a little above my collar bone to half an inch below my collar bone. My hair is thicker, more manageable, and healthier. Here are my result pics: 

Summer Castor Oil Challenge

Upcoming Season and Hopes

I am planning on joining the Fall Castor Oil Challenge 2014 for two reasons:
1). I focused more on my hair and not really on my edges and would like to cater to my edges more, which need the most TLC.

2). I had Senegalese twists in for most of the challenge and I'm planning on keeping my natural throughout the entire challenge.

Check out more challenge results and hair growth!

Natural hair says: There is no gimmick with this Castor oil challenge. This challenge helps create a regimen for you and your hair. KCCM gave the rules, but you are the one who carries the journey through. Try it for yourself!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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