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Monday, September 22, 2014

Crochet Braids | Freetress Water Wave Braid

FreeTress Water Wave

Now I would consider this my first time doing crochet braids on myself, because using the Marley doesn't count to me...I am so happy about this!

Yay for my first time!!!

Hair, Color, And Packs

I am absolutely loving the curls above, so I decided to get the:

Brand: FreeTress

Type: Water Wave
Color: #30 and #2 Dark Brown
Price: $5.99/pack (purchased 5 packs (2 in 30 and 3 in 2)

Prepping Natural Hair

My hair was already cleaned, moisturized, and detangled from doing my crochet braids with the Marley before, so that saved me a few steps from prepping my hair.

The braid pattern I decided on was a curved and zigzag look so my hair wouldn't be so bulky and I did not want my braids to show. I also wanted to go for the "natural look" with a part on the side

Crochet Braids Process

1). I took the WW hair out of one of the packs to work with. When working with the crocheting process, I split each pre-set strand in three parts, to have more for the pack.

Braid Pattern For Crochet Braids
2). I took my closed latch-hook and maneuvered it under the cornrow, opened the latch then put the selected hair in the hook in a "bunny loop" way, then closed the latch hook.

3). After I feel the hair is secure in the latch-hook, I pulled my tool in reverse back under the cornrow until the "bunny loop" came through.

Freetress Water Wave Braid
4). I opened the latch-hook and set it down. Then I took the loose strands and pulled them through the "bunny loop." For a secure installation, I looped each strand twice and reinforced it until secure.

5). Continue this process around the entire head. 

My Thoughts About My New Style

Freetress Water Wave Braid
This process was so easy and only took me 2 Hours to do! I love, love, love my new style and I'm sure I will keep for 3 or 4 weeks. Since this is a "shake and go" style, there is no styling necessary, which is great for me.

Check out my crochet braids journey:

Natural hair says: it happens! Some styles don't come out the way you think they should when you watch YouTube tutorials or read all the blogs in the world. But DON'T GIVE UP! Try again until you come out with the style you want. Yes you may lost time and money; but if you don't make the mistakes, how will you learn from them? Yay for progress and determination!!! I LOVE MY HAIR!!!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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