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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Crochet Braids | LOME Marley Braid Hair

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

...NO MA'AM!!!

I am so disappointed, not in myself...but this hair! I'm not mad about the money or the time spent either. I really wanted this to work because I love Marley hair...but this just did not agree with me at all.

I studied all the YouTube videos and the blogs/websites that I could, but I guess I did not get my BA in YouTubology and minor in Crochet Braiding this time around. My fav crochet tutorials I stalked were:

So with all of my studying, writing down notes, and creating a fool-proof-crochet-braiding regimen taped on my mirror, I thought I had everything down. It took me about 5 hours to complete everything.

Here is how I did my crochet braids:

Prepping Marley hair

The hair I decided to use was LOME Natural Kinky Marley Braid Hair, which I purchased at a local beauty supply store. The only prepping I did for the faux hair was the Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. This process removes the chemicals and the alkaline base that was used when manufacturing the hair.

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

  1. Filled sink with warm water and added 1/2 cup of vinegar. (Did 4 times for all 4 bundles)
  2. Gently put hair in the sink without taking it apart.
  3. Soaked until white film appear on top of the water
  4. Emptied the water and rinsed the hair with warm water
  5. Hung the hair on a hook to drip dry

Prepping Natural hair

It is very important to prep your hair for long-term styling effectively and the correct way. This time I used:

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

Hot oil treatment - Coconut Oil and JBCO, 30 minutes with heat
Clarify - Suave Clarifying Shampoo
Deep conditioning - Indian Hemp Masque

Braiding Pattern

I used the slanted cornrow pattern to have the natural look. I had four braids on each side and 6 braids on top. I did not anticipate on having so much hair, so I just put 4 jumbo braids in the back and just bobby pinned them up.

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

Crochet Braiding Process

  1. Now that the Marley hair was completely dry, I was ready...looked at myself with great purpose *must do the eyebrow raise*
  2. I took a strand of Marley and split it in half to get more hair of the pack. I took my closed latch hook and maneuvered it under the cornrow, opened the latch then put the selected hair in the hook in a "bunny loop" way, then closed the latch hook
  3. After I feel the hair is secure in the hook, I pulled it in reverse back under the cornrow until the "bunny loop" came through.
  4. I opened the hook and set it down. I then took the loose strands and pulled them through the "bunny loop." For a secure installation, I looed each strand 3 times (rubber band method) and reinforced it until secure
  5. Continue this process around the entire head.

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

Styling Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

Now I wanted to have curly Marley hair, so I tried to Bantu knot my hair and dip the knots in boiling water (with the safety of the towel)...it did not work and it looked like a matted mess.

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

So I detangled my Marley with a Denman brush and used flexi rods. I dipped the set hair in boiling water...it looked worse. So I put in a bun for the day, not enjoying my hair...

Crochet Braids LOME Marley Braid Hair

My Thoughts About My New Style

Just no and no! The hair was a fuss, but I wasn't too frustrated because it was new (thank God for me being created with the patience virtue!). I could have chosen the wrong Marley, or my braiding pattern was too bulky, or I did not let my Marley dry enough, or I should not have done the vinegar rinse...but I just was not going to have it and I did not want to work with the Marley hair any longer!! I only had the style in for a few hours and it already seemed like lots of maintenance work. So what did I do...

...around 5pm the next day I went back to the beauty supply store and bought FreeTress Water Wave Braid hair. "For what?" you ask...I'm going to cut this Marley hair out and redo my hair! So I thank LOME Marley for being my protective style for a few hours...but YA GOTTA GO! *snip-snip-snip* 
Crochet Braids LOME
Marley Braid Hair
I'll try Marley hair another time...

Check out more crochet braiding fun:

Natural hair says: you can watch all the YouTube tutorials and studying ever little detail on blogs and websites, but your style may or may not come out right. But don't be too hard on yourself if it doesn't. It takes trial and error to get that style that you want. You still want to put your hair away? Well, try-try again! 

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. nicole4/20/2015

    hello.. I don't know if you have attempted this style again or how long ago this post was made but I ran across it while I was on google.. I currently have a marley style and it is curly and soft not matted and tangled. when you install the crochet hair, before u add rollers, rods etc.. u need to put a moisturizer on it, detangle with denman brush and then roll, and dip in boiling water..i used rods and its super curly and soft.. I don't think you mentioned it but you have to detangle the hair before you roll it..hope this helps for next time!!

  2. ImThat6/07/2015

    This is my 1st time wearing Marley hair and I hate it. It doesn't do anything but itch when I tie it up at night. It looks like idk... the only thing is its soft. Maybe I'll wash it and try to blow it out. But even night I've gotten up out of my sleep at least 2 times a night due to itching.

  3. You may have a sensitive scalp, and that's okay. Try doing a Apple Cider Vinegar rinse (directions at the top of the article) for your Marley Hair. This will take the alkaline base off the hair, which can cause lots of itching and irritation.

  4. Farrah6/12/2015

    Thanks for the info. I've been think about trying Marley hair for crochet braids. I'll check out those links you posted

  5. You should definitely try it out. I'll have to try it again because I do love Marley hair


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