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Monday, September 1, 2014

Doing Her Hair Series! | FreeTress Bohemian Bulk

FreeTress Bohemian Bulk
I have finally done my first installed of CROCHET BRAIDS!

First off, you may not know what crochet braiding is...to create crochet braids a latch-hook crochet needle is used to weave in synthetic/human hair to the natural hair that has been braided into a braided cornrow pattern. Any type of hair can be used: kanekalon, Marley, curly, or wavy. This style takes about 2-4 hours to do and can stay from a month to two months, depending on the style given.

So back to me...I have finally done it! I researched about crochet braids for a long while, like since I found out. What was perfect about the timing is that my sister, LeAnne, was heading back to Hanover College for her sophomore year (Yay LeAnne!) so I thought this style would be perfect for her - low maintenance and just "shake and go."

Doing Her Hair Series! | FreeTress Bohemian Bulk 
So here we are with her hair freshly washed, moisturized, and dried . I braided her hair in a straight back cornrow pattern for the style. The hair she decided on was the FreeTress Bohemian Bulk.

Crochet Braids Process:

I split the extensions in thins strands to help with the knotting/securing process. I took my closed latch-hook and maneuver it under the cornrow, opened the latch then put the selected hair in the hook in a "bunny loop" way, then closed the latch hook
FreeTress Bohemian Bulk  Crochet Braids
After I feel the hair is secure in the latch-hook, I pulled my tool in reverse back under the cornrow until the "bunny loop" came through.  

I opened the latch-hook and set it down. Then I took the loose strands and pulled them through the "bunny loop." For a secure installation, I looped each strand 3 times (rubber bank method) and reinforced it until secure.

And that is pretty much it!

FreeTress Bohemian Bulk
It did take about 3.5 hours to do and I am very proud of myself and even much more happier for my sister's new style! I would say that the crown of the hair for the cornrows should be pretty skinny and the back of the head can have bigger cornrows, just for the natural look. 

Other than that, I did pretty good for my first time! Check out the crochet braids "help" for more information: 

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Natural hair says this style is so easy that anyone can learn and do it! If you a first timer like myself, just be confident in your skills and your work. The install will be beautiful, so don't second guess yourself. Practice will make perfect!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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