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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Hair Diary | My Twist Out Is A H.A.M

My Twist Out Is A H.A.M
Scenario: Your hair is freshly washed and deeply conditioned. You have added your leave-in and massaged it throughout your luscious tresses. The tools you get are your wide tooth comb and your style product. You finally sit at your workspace and get your hair prepped and ready for your beautiful twist out. I mean, you are really feeling yourself right now...it's morning: your hair is not dry OR the top is too bulky while the bottom looks stringy OR your twist out is just not cooperating OR ALL 3 IN ONE!

So I claim the bunny puff as: My Emergency Style. 

"How do you accomplish that look?" Well, I'm glad you've asked. It's pretty simple:

My Twist Out Is A H.A.M
Glare at your dud style with determination for something better. You must do the "eyebrow raise" as well

Use a good amount of non-alcohol gel or edge tamer and lay those baby hairs down along your temples and nape.

Finger comb your hair to make sure the tangles are out. Your hair should already be pretty detangled from putting your hair in two strand twists the night before.

Bring all of your hair up in one hand and put your ponytail holder/bungee around your hair. "Rubber band" the ponytail holder either twice or three times for a secure fit. Do not make it so tight
fluff your bunny puff and voila!
You can also do variations to your bunny puff, if you have time:

My Twist Out Is A H.A.M

Crowning: part your crown of your hair off to create a pompadour (pomp), twist out bangs, a hump (smaller version of pomp), or a side braid bobby-pinned in your bunny puff

My Twist Out Is A H.A.M

The Cinnabun: take pieces of your bunny puff and bobby-pin small sections underneath itself

My Twist Out Is A H.A.M

The Sock Bun: Check out the tutorial!

And there you have it! The simple and time-effective guide to My Emergency Style: The Bunny puff!

Natural hair says: Don't fret over a soggy twist out, a damp braid out, or a frizzy wash 'n go. The bunny puff is a very simple and chic protective style that you don't need to do on freshly washed hair or even redo for the week. Try it! You may end up letting the bunny puff be your emergency style as well or even just a style to do!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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