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Friday, September 12, 2014

Natural Hair Tutorial | Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair

Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair
I absolutely love tapered cuts...but I'm not going to cut my hair anytime soon...so I'll go with the flat twists updo!

This style is chic, elegant, and professional; I wear up-do flat twists on dates with my hubby, to the park with my son, and at my government job. This style is definitely a conversation starter and I don't mind letting everyone know that, "Yes, I do my own hair!"

How To:

Make sure your hair is squeaky clean with your shampoo and moisturized effectively with your conditioner/deep conditioner, as you will wear this style for the next few days.

Once your hair becomes damp, use your mist and/or leave to make sure your hair is moisturized plenty. Detangle your hair in sections with your fingers or your detangling tool

Part your crown off and clip away for later

Starting from the back, make a small-straight line across your nape, then clip the rest of the hair away

Part that small section in half and clip one of the smaller sections away

Make sure the part you are working with is thoroughly detangled. Add a little gel along that section

Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair
Start from the edge of your nape and flat twist that section across until you run out of nape and hair.

Begin to two strand twist the remaining hair until you run out of hair. Finger coil the ends with a bit of oil and clip away

Take the other small section you clipped away and repeat steps 5 and 6.

Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair
Now you have your first row of flat twists! Repeat steps 3 through 7 to create more rows of flat twists. Aim for 5-7 rows, depending on the width of each flat twist.

Once that entire section is done with flat twists, you should have many two strand twists handing in the middle of your head.

Now from the nape (easier to pull head forward and down), start flat braiding your twists into a tight goddess braid going upwards (not too tight).

Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair
Once your twists are securely braided, pin the tail inside the braid tightly so you do not see it. You are done with the back of your head!

Now, take the top section and make sure the hair is detangled once more.

Part small sections of your crown and two strand twist your hair until you get to the ends. Finger coil the ends with a bit of oil.

Continue to do the above step until you have a crown full of two strand twists.

Once you have your two strand twists on your crown, the top section styles is up to you!

Faux Tapered Cut On Natural Hair
Once you have figured out what style you want, let your hair air dry or use a hooded dryer.

Add some gel or edge tamer to your baby hairs to create a slick look. I love the "Ginuwine-style!"

And you are done!!!

Natural hair says: this is a fun and stylish hairstyle you can wear ANYWHERE! Rock the up-do flat twists and let everyone know, "Yes I do my own hair!"

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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