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Monday, September 8, 2014

Hair Tips | My Hair Wont Grow! Huh? 9 Tips To Help You

Winter 2012 - Transitioning To Natural

Are you really thinking that your hair won't grow? I mean, absolutely-positively-your-hair-sucks-won't grow??? Awe...get out of here with those negative and sad thoughts! Of course your hair grows; hair grows all the time.

NOW the real question is...are you retaining the growth? Think about it...if you say that your hair is not growing or you don't have the "type" of hair that grows, check what you are doing for your hair daily, weekly, and monthly.

Now, in no way am I an expert or the ultimate hair guru of all time (I'm working on it, give me a few years); however, I have kept my hair diary since July 2011 and the pictures don't lie. I also have family, friends, and church folk who talk, complain about, cry over, need help with, and talk to me about what? HAIR! So I'm using my pictures and their own declarations; this is all from experience.

I will give you 9 reasons that will cause you to not be able to retain your hair growth, not "your hair won't grow":

My Hair Wont Grow!

1). Moisture, Moisture, Moisture...Huh? MOISTURE!!!

Oh yes! This is number one on my list. I cannot scream and yell this enough...your hair needs to be moisturized correctly and effectively. Water is a great moisturizer, which you can mist on your hair in the mornings and evenings or just by simply washing your hair.

I will also add that sealing your moisturizer with an oil is great too. You can use olive oil, coconut oil, grape seed oil, etc. Since water and the products that have water as the first ingredient will inevitably evaporate, it would do your tresses some greatness if you seal that moisture in to prevent that dryness.

2). Double Processing and Over Processing With Chemicals

I went through this horrendous and detrimental phase in my life...so sad; so I definitely know what I'm talking about. My hair was double processed with a caramel blonde color and a relaxer at the same time. Yes, I am a healthy hair advocate and not against colors and relaxers; however, if you are choosing any chemical in your hair, there is a special way to care for your tresses if you want to grow and retain your length.

My Hair Wont Grow!
My hair was not taken care of properly: no deep conditioner, no protein treatment, over processing with the relaxer, and rough handling by my former beautician. Oh, she was breaking my neck with the chemicals! And surely, I did not know at the time...but if you are being rough handled or not cared for properly, GET OUT OF THE SEAT! Chemicals are not to be taken lightly. If you want/have that relaxer, color, or both make sure you are doing deep conditioning and protein treatments regularly. Once the chemical is in your hair, your hair  does become more brittle and dry than if you were natural. Be cautious with the use of any chemicals.

3). Combing and Detangling Methods

Think about how you detangle your hair. When do you detangle? Do you even detangle??? This is a very important part in your hair regimen. Whether you use a comb, Denman brush, or your fingers, your hair needs to be well moisturizing with a water mist or dripping in conditioner during your Wash Day. I do not recommend you to dry detangle nor comb your tresses, because your hair is much more vulnerable to break and will snag easily in your detangling tools.

My Hair Wont Grow!
And whatever you do, PLEASE START FROM THE ENDS and work your way up to the roots. If you start at the roots first, you can come across knots and more tangles than expected. This would ultimately cause you to reach for the shears and cut away what you didn't need to in the first place. Be gentle and cautious when combing and detangling your tresses.

4). Gels, Spritzes, and Other Sticky Products

I always say that the products you use in your hair are 20% of your hair care and you caring for your hair is the 80%. However, if you are using products that dry your hair out, make your hair gloopy, and they mainly have petroleum, alcohol, and mineral oil all in them...THROW THEM AWAY! Sure, the commercial you just watched 5 minutes ago said that "your edges will be slick back and your hair will stay in place." Nah sweetie...that's the opposite of what your hair needs to do.

Quote...your hair needs to breathe...End Quote. If you use that spritz to keep your hair from moving, this would dry your hair out which would make your hair brittle and break. If you use so much gel on a daily basis to slick your edges back, this could cause your hairline to move further back as well from the gels you are using. There are some products that are great for slicking your edges back and can keep your hair in place but not have that dry look. Do some more research and make sure you ask your beautician what she is using in your hair before she does it. This could keep a few inches on your head.

5). Excessive Use Of Heat Appliances

My Hair Wont Grow!
My Hair Wont Grow!

Okay, your hair is really dirty, but you're about to straighten your hair? Sooo you not gonna wait for your hair to completely dry before your use your flat iron? 500 degrees?!?! Excessive use of your flat iron, blow dryer, hot comb, and other heat appliances are a NO-NO if your desire is to retain the length of your hair. Using heat is not a bad thing, but not knowing how to use heat on your hair can cause some great damage to your hair, especially your ends. If you are going to use direct heat on your hair, your hair need to be freshly washed, conditioned, completely dried, and fully protected with a heat protectant. That's a recipe for a glorious blown out, flat ironed style, or other styles that use direct heat. If you get your hair done or do your own hair with heat, please make sure that your tool is not too hot and that you don't leave the heat on your ends for too long. Just saying, if your sink, your shirt, and your face are full of tiny pieces or hair...your hair is experiencing breakage from the heat.

6). Your Braids And Twists Are Too-Too-Too-Too Tight

My Hair Wont Grow!
Your eyebrows are raised, it hurts to smile, and little white bumps along your edges are out shining your style...YOUR BRAIDS ARE TOO TIGHT! I suggest you get them adjusted before any more damage takes place or just take them out completely. I understand that you paid $180 to get your Senegalese twists done or you sat in the chair for 10 hours to get your micros laid. But to save your scalp, hair, and your heart some aches and pains, I suggest you get them adjusted or remove them. Which brings me to...

7). The Controversy of Protective Styling

I love protective styles and I cannot get enough of them (maybe because I haven't fully mastered

My Hair Wont Grow!
the twist out and the wash 'n go), so I continue to style my hair that way. Protective styling is putting your hair in a style that causes you to tuck your ends away to prevent damage to them. I'm all for that...However, I don't keep my hair in protective styles every day, all day. I do 5 days of protective styling, then 2 days of having my hair out. On that second day that's when I wash my hair and do another protective style. Very simple regimen.

Now I'm all for long term protective styling, which I do 3 to 4 times a year. But, I do not recommend getting long term styling BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK. That's just not healthy for your hair, which could cause: tangling, breakage, and dryness. And c'mon! Do you really care for your hair when in long term styles??? Maybe at the beginning, but once your hair hits the 3 week mark, you have forgotten to care for your hair underneath effectively. So yes! Get your protective style, short term or long term. Just don't forget about caring for your hair as well.

8). It's True! You Are What You Eat

My Hair Wont Grow!
I am not gonna tell you to go cold turkey (pun intended) and go for green smoothies all the way. But what I will say that what you put into your body will have an effect on your hair as well. Drinking at least 8 cups of water daily does great wonders for your body and also for your hair. Being dehydrated will not aid your hair to grow. Also change up your diet with some veggies and fruits. I understand that fast food is easy and you want your Chili Thursdays.

Like I said, you don't need to change everything up. But how about strawberries instead of strawberry double fudges ice-cream or spinach instead of the fat-back-and-turkey-necks in your collard greens. Also, think about taking supplemental vitamins. You can take something specific to your hair health or your full body health. Your body is a temple, which is sacred. Treat your body like the temple it is, just like you treat your hair like the silk she is. 

9). The Importance of Satin and Silk Scarves, Bonnets, and Pillow Cases

I feel that the most important of all why you are not retaining length...you don't wrap your hair at

My Hair Wont Grow!
night. I always tell my girls that no matter if your hair is messy, you are taking your braids out in the morning, or your sew-in is being taken out in a few day, you need to always protect your hair at night. You can purchase satin bonnets and scarves at any store for $3 to $10. Satin pillow cases are for those who just cannot seem to wrap their hair nor find their scarves at night.

This is a great investment for those with longer hair. I keep the motto: TREAT YOUR HAIR LIKE SILK. In the beginning I did not understand that I had to wrap my hair when messy or when I was gonna was her anyways. The issue is: if you don't wrap your hair when sleeping, your hair has the high possibility of matting, tangling, and breaking. This is very important to keep in mind when you sleep at night.

Natural hair says: your hair grows. Point-blank-period. But the real issue is retaining your growth. Go through and re-read some of these reasons why you claim you don't see growth. Change up your hair regimens, products, and styles. Try to keep your revised regimen for 3 months. You will notice a great difference. Trust me...I've been through them all and my hair has done a complete turn around.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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