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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?

Senegalese Twists Using Janet Collection Noir Tantalizing Twist Braid
My hair journey has been one of ups and downs, but mostly ups. I know what my hair needs, what styles to do, when to wash and moisturized, and when I need to take a rest from doing my hair. How have I learned this? I mostly did trial and errors, but I like to do hair challenges and tests.

Around April 2012, I found the book titled, The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide To Growing Long Hair, written by Sharifa Barnett. I really like this book because Barnett took a different approach in growing and maintaining your hair long and healthy. She gives her own stories about trying to grow her hair, then realizes that there are many kinds of people who are on different hair journeys.

Here are the 5 archetypes she concluded on: minimalist, extensionist, gadget gal, kitchenista, and shopaholic. She breaks these archetypes down to find out what we are doing currently in our hair regimens, both pros and cons, and find out how we can use our specific archetypes to grow our hair effectively and to proceed on our hair journey in a healthy way. Here are the break downs:

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?

The Minimalist:

The "less is more" mantra is very important to the minimalist. She has a low to no manipulation regimen for her hair and requires simple and little to no time commitment in caring for her hair. Her simple styles include: buns, ponytails, and low manipulation hair styles. Pro: She is very consistent with keeping her regimen simple and easy to follow. Con: Her hair is not moisturized on a regular basis, could cause: dry hair, split ends, and hair breakage.

The Extensionist:

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?
The versatility and freedom of changing her styles, the extensionist has many styling options in mind which could range from week to week. She rocks the different lengths, hair colors, sew-ins, quick weaves, braids, and other weave options she could think of for her next style. Pro: Since she keeps her hair covered by extensions, she is able to grow and retain the length of her natural hair. Cons: Changing the styles from week to week, heck month to month can get pretty expensive. Since the extensionist spends much time wearing weaves, this may cause her to not know how to care for her own natural hair.

The Gadget Gal:

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?
Flat irons, curling irons, crimping irons, blow dryer, hot combs, and other heat tools can make this one exciting just at the mention of their names. The Gadget gal may have each tool and maybe 2 or 3 of each in her closet. She tends to wear a style each day that includes using heat on her hair. Pro: She would be as perceived as have a great day every single day. Con: Great manipulation can lead to thin ends, limp hair, and great damaged and breakage to the hair shaft.

The Kitchenista:

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?
She needs herbs, oil, food ingredients, and things in the forest to get what she needs for her hair. The Kitchenista is one to love hair care of the jungle by creating and modifying her own hair products. She may still use commercial products here and there, but she prefers her own products to the ones in the store. Pro:She knows exactly what goes into her hair and able to distinguish if something is working or not in her regimen.  Cons: You can be in the kitchen for hours at a time creating your own hair products. The is get expensive by purchasing many and pricey food ingredients, which in turn have a short shelf life.

The Shopaholic:

Hair Tests | What Is Your Hair Archetype?
"The product junkie" buys and tries every product she hears about. If she see the newest commercial on a specific hair product, she has a tendency to purchase in bulk without researching or even asking about it. Pro: Her regimen tends to be flexible in trying certain products with others. Cons: Where is all of your money going??? Hair products! Ding-Ding-Ding!! There is no telling what worked, what made your hair fall out, and what made it grow and retain length.

September 2015 Hair Archetype:

Minimalist Kitchenista

Natural Hair Inspiration 2 | Queen: Easy High Bun 

I have slowed down the "kitchenista" train and use a few products for my hair care regimen. I decided that I know exactly what I need for my hair and being a kitchenista is really messy and time consuming. I enjoyed that year, but now I'm on a journey to better my hair care routine.

Natural hair says: try the 5 Archetype test for yourself. It's another avenue to learn about yourself, your hair journey, and to learn how to effectively retain the length of your hair with your archetype. Take the test and let me know what you got! Remember take the test every 6 months just to see how you are growing in your hair journey. Have fun!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

To find out which archetype you are, take the test [Here]

To read my review The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide To Growing Long Hair, click [My Book Review].

*Disclaimer: I took the archetype photos in my own book with my camera. Thank you*

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