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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Crochet Braids | How To Take Out FreeTress Water Wave Safely

How To Remove Crochet Braids
I was on my "she's acting really weird and strange" vibe. No threat! I'm just a natural who enjoys life and fun! Why so serious 0.0

***And action!***

Yes, yes I know I said I was gonna keep my crochet braids in for 3 weeks...bbbbuuuuttttt NOPE! There's nothing wrong with the Water Wave hair or even with my natural hair. I'm allergic to "long-term-styles-I-do-myself." I just can't seem to keep them long, but I needed a break from doing my hair. And 2 weeks later, I am ready to do my natural once again.  Hee-ha! I just love to switch up my styles!!!
So now the removal...this process took me only 30 minutes to remove!

How To Remove Crochet Braids
1). Look at your crochet braids with a few fun and creepy faces (for no reason), then part your hair in sections that are easy for you to cut the hair.

2). Grab those scissors! Cut a little bit above the knot. (Your hair may have grown in with the knot and you don't want to cut your own hair of course).

3). Once the length of the hair is cut, pull those suckers out. I like to grunt and growl when I pull them out...but that's me being a weirdo...

4). Now your crochet braids are out! Spray your braiding pattern with water, oil, and conditioner mixture. This mixture will lubricate and moisturize your hair, and also will create slip to undo your braiding pattern.

5). Start from the back and make your way to the front of your head for easier removal. Remember to BE GENTLE AND DELICATE!

6). Now that your braiding pattern is out, GO SHAWTY! IT'S YOUR TAKING-YOUR-HAIR-OUT-PARTAY!!!...again that's just me being a weirdo...(I just love when things turn out in my favor).
How To Remove Crochet Braids
7). Detangle and continue on with your Wash Day Regimen, with a protein treatment (if needed) and deep conditioning. I will suggest that before you put in another long term style, keep your hair out for at least a week. This will help strengthen your strands back up and get the allotted moisture your hair needs.

I really did like this style and like I said there was nothing wrong with the style or my own natural hair. But here are a few pros and cons to layout my 2 week journey with the FreeTress Water Wave:


1). Easy to separate and install the faux hair
2). Double knot stayed in the entire install (can do triple knot if you like)
3). Easy to wrap at night (can use bonnet, spandex cap, dreadlock cap - "shake n go" in the morning
4). Can create a natural part with this hair - YASSS HUNTY!
5). Easy to moisturize own hair with applicator bottle or simply fingers


1). Looks too bulky if use too much hair (that can be with any hair though)
2). Gets frizzy and tangled (pro: looks more natural and can't tell because of the curl pattern)
How To Remove Crochet Braids
3). Gets caught on jewelry, clothes, baby fingers, eyeballs, doorknobs, toilet seat, keys, and anything else that has appendages and protrudes in whatever comes your way.

Would I do again?

Of course! I loved the curl pattern of the FreeTress Water Wave and the ease of having this awesome style. This hair resembles having a twist out or a braid out. Awesome hair, style, braiding pattern, and chic-style-elegance-ness is all that I was going for with my crochet braids.

Would I recommend?

Heck yea! Loved the hair and you can get a great 3-4 week style from this hair. FreeTress Water Wave is a great synthetic hair with a natural look.

Check out my FreeTress Water Wave Journey:

Natural hair says: once your long term styles are up, take them out effectively. Just don't do it half way...if you need help, beg someone to help you. After your protective style, you should be refreshed and rebooted to do your hair again. Have fun with your natural!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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