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Monday, October 17, 2016

Holiday Hair | Halloween Costumes For Your Natural Hair

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

I would actually love to play off my natural hair...but not something cliché like: Foxy Cleopatra, the 70's Disco Chick, nor the Fierce Lioness. I would like to do something different... Here are my picks:

Janelle Monáe

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

I'm sure when Janelle Monáe first came out, all the natural-haired women wanted to dress like her for Halloween. I mean, she was literally the first to flaunt her natural hair with grace and poise, and she didn't need to show off her body to get her music across to the masses. I just love why she wears the uniform "black and white" too - “It’s a dedication to uniformity and I’m a minimalist by heart, but a lot of it had to do with me wanting to have a uniform like the working class, like my mom and my grandmother,” Monáe told The Huffington Post. So yes, I will get my pompadour all glossed up and my Oxfords ready to hit the floor. Mic in hand and going in on "Electric Lady!"

Niobe from Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

When I first saw Niobe in Matrix Reloaded (played by Jada Pinkett Smith), I was like "No way! She has Bantu knots!!" Her hair was so flawless and laid for real. I would be fierce and authoritative if I were Niobe for Halloween. Oh and let's not forget the leather...yes, put that on my bill!


Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

Check out the tutorial!

Chescalocs,YouTube personality, came up with the most awesome Halloween costume based on her locs. I checked out her video: Natural Hair-O-Ween: Medusa-locs and I thought that was very creative and clever of her to make a costume based off her hair.

Dionne from Clueless

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

I would surely be recognized as Dionne Davenport (played by Stacy Dash). Although Dionne is about 15 or 16 in the movie, she is an intelligent and well-spoken young lady with a sistah-gurl attitude. Her fashion is just off-the-charts-awesome! I would be the fashion guru if I were Dionne for Halloween. Just get me box braids, a big cell phone, and a gallon of CLUELESS!

Neytiri from Avatar

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

I don't care how old this movie gets, I will always find Avatar timeless. I especially love the character, Neytiri (played by Zoë Saldana) and how she's brave, loyal, and strong-willed to the Na'vi people - her clan - and to Jake Sully - her soul mate. Crochet senegalese twists or would be the go-to style for Neytiri, with a few jewels adorned as well I don't think I would paint my body blue and run around naked. But there are a few DIY costumes I could make if I wanted to be Neytiri.

Mother Nature

Halloween Costumes | Costumes For Your Natural Hair

I think I would really enjoy being dressed up as mother nature. Although, I would just wear a brown dress, hair shadow my hair green, and put leaves, birds, and butterflies in my hair, I really think I would love this costume the best out of all that I named. I would love to portray myself as bringing life and light. Very positive costume!

So there you have it!

My top picks for Halloween costumes. So all women with natural hair, you can use some of these ideas or think of other costumes to make your own!

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Comment Below

Check out How To | Halloween Costumes for Natural Hair Girls, Part 2 for more creativity and costumes for Naturalistas! 

Natural hair says: wear your natural hair with pride if you are planning on dressing up for Halloween. Make sure you wear a costume and not a culture. Be considerate and mindful of others when thinking about what to wear. Be safe and have fun!

Always Desire Your Natural and Happy Halloween!

Christina J

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