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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Roller Set | Perm Rod Set On Blown Out Natural Hair

Perm Rod Set

I am so excited for this style! The last time I did a perm rod set was back in May of this year...well, it was half a set. I ran out of perm rods and found other random rollers, which I eventually ran out of as well. So I did a hump on top. I did this on freshly washed hair and used: 


Before we start anything...Make sure your perm rods are clean!

I did my Wash Day, along with my protein treatment and my deep conditioning treatment. Once my hair was freshly washed I detangled and added my leave in, then sectioned my hair in 5 sections for easier manipulation and styling. I used this product because I was planning on blow drying my hair for a more stretched style.

Blow Out Using A Blow Dryer
I used my Conair blow dryer from Walmart (works pretty well to me) and did the tension method for easier manipulation. I also used Low-Warm heat for blow drying my hair. It took about 1hour 30 minutes to fully dry my hair. Once my hair was fully dried, I shook my mane a bit and danced to "Jump Jump" 3 times in a row...awesome song! #justsaying.

So after my fun dance, I took out my next few products:
Since my hair was completely dried, I wanted to add the gel to have a greater hold (if I did on damp hair, I wouldn't need to use it). 
So I worked within each section and followed this regimen:
Perm Rod Set
Take a small section of hair from the main section and use a comb or fingers to make sure there are no tangles in that section

Add the products in order: mousse, smoothie, gel and smooth the products until they are smooth in the hair. Remember to be light with the products! You don't want to weigh your style down

Take a perm rod and put it about an inch above the end of the hair. Wrap the end of the hair around the perm rod. Roll the perm rod up close to your head until there is a bit of space between the perm rod and the scalp
Perm Rod Set
Secure the perm rod and make sure to not do so tightly!

Continue steps 1 thought 4 until the entire head is full of perm rods
I used 55 perm rods to do this set! I am so glad I bought enough...I didn't want to have the Bum-May Episode to happen again.

I put my bonnet on head and went to bed. I did let this set dry overnight, even though my hair was not too wet. Also, it is not fun to sleep on perm rods...I was so uncomfortable. But I endured it.

Now to take down:
Carefully unravel each perm rod from the hair by unrolling in the opposite direction that it was set in. Never pull a perm rod from your hair, which could cause snagging and breakage

Perm Rod Set
Once all the perm rods are out, take a bit of serum, polisher, or oil and rub between the palms of your hands. I used ApHogee Gloss Therapy Polisher.

I wanted to have a fuller look so I separated each spiral ONLY twice. The ApH Polisher will add shine and help for easy separation of the curls.

I used my fingers to fluff my hair a bit and to also get rid of the parts in my hair.

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Natural hair says: this is a fun and low manipulation style to do. It is simple to do and can last for the week. The color added it also a fun way to add some "umph" to your style and it is certainly something different.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Love the results, I will definitelly try it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the love! Let me know how it works out for you :)


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