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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Hair Diary | You Better Work Your Fro

My Mane Speaks | You Better Work Your Fro
So I decided to rock my naps in the natural state this week. After my wash day, I added my moisturizing mist , Shea Moisture Smoothie, and coconut oil to my ends while my hair was damp. I just let my hair air dry into a fro. My luscious naps decided to show her face and give me some praise:

"Sistah-gurl! Look at me now, looking all good and lube up with my favorite products. I was just thinking, 'when is my gurl gonna do me right with the 'fro that I love so much?' Look sugar, I love the twist outs and the little knobby things you do to me...oh the Bantu knots. That's it! And I can rock the flat twisties and the two stands twisty thangs. But go back to the simple thangs for me! I love the 'fro.  It's so easy to do and to keep. I just love the 'fro! Gurl, my curls are poppin' and I love it!

I'm not saying you have to go 'Fro on me all the time or anything like that. Look honey child, I am nappy and I love being nappy. So work with ya sistah, okay? Do me right every once in a while! Let's 'Fro this baby out!

What's that? Gurl, no you didn't...are you saying you gonna keep me for the week? No manipulation? No twisty thangs, little knobby things, gel, rollers, or ponytail holders? Well, I'll be a chicken in a coop with a vanilla ice cream cone. I love it and that makes ya gurl happy!

Well, come on sugar! Let's get this 'fro going!!!! We have got to show everyone how beautiful and elegant naps can be. I'm with you all the way, sistah-gurl!"
My Mane Speaks | You Better Work Your Fro

And I accepted every bit of what My mane had said to me.

Natural hair says: let's make it a point to do the naps once in while. You don't have to wear your 'Fro every day, but it's nice to just put all the manipulation away and rock the 'fro 

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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