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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months

Deep Conditioning Is For Everyone!
Wow! Is it that time already? Yep, you would be correct...time to change up your hair regimen for the fall and winter months.

This past weekend I conducted a "Hair Session: Regimen Change for Fall and Winter Months" in my Girl Time Group. I wanted the ladies to be able to protect their hair during the cooler months. What I wanted to convey was that whether we want it to or not, the harsh and brittle seasons is coming.

They are not too fond of our curly, coily, and kinky hair.

But not to fear! Your hair can continue to thrive during the fall and winter months. It is best to be ready and prepare as soon as you can, instead of scrambling yourself together when the brisk wind and snow hits. Here is the breakdown of our session in order to keep a healthy hair in the fall and winter seasons:

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months


If you do not remember anything in this article, remember the words: Moisture, Moisture, Moisture! I mean moisturize more than what seems necessary and sane. It's so important to moisturize your tresses effectively in order to maintain the hair on your head. So moisturize morning and night with a water, leave-in, moisturizer, or a spritz. It also doesn't hurt to moisturize your hair during your break time. But make sure you moisturize your hair!

Less Manipulation

We have seen your vibrant styles of twist outs, wash 'n go's, and others. But let's pin our hair up for the fall and winter. Remember that less is more, there is no need to manipulate your hair every day or even every few days. Don't manipulate hair more than needed. Find a style that you really like and keep that for the week or next two weeks. Do one of your favorite long term protective styles. But don't manipulate daily.

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months

Don't detangle dry hair!
Never, ever, ever, ever detangle your hair when dry! Detangling your hair should not have to be a struggle nor dangerous task. No ma'am! Simple enough, your hair should be wet and dripping with conditioner or damp with a spritz. The slip will make your hair easier to detangle, wash, and style.

Hot Oil Treatments

Hot oil treatments are The Golden Gate for curly, coily, and kinky hair. They will help maintain the moisture balance of your hair, will treat dry scalp and dandruff, soften and nourish your hair, and will help prevent breakage. Do this every Wash Day or once a month for those great benefits.

Deep Conditioning
Deep conditioning is another important process of stimulating your hair to retain moisture. During the fall and winter seasons, your hair will feel brittle and look really dry. Sorry, but it's inevitable! You may notice breakage and split ends. Now don't panic...deep conditioning can help fix that issue for you. Deep conditioning is the best! You can do this how ever often you believe your hair needs it (I suggest every 2 weeks for the cooler months).

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months

Satin Scarves and Bonnets, Please
Don't sleep with your hair out! This is very important for hair year around. But if you just don't sleep with a scarf now, I suggest you invest in a few silk/satin bonnets or scarves RIGHT NOW!

Treat Your Hair Like Silk
Don't be so rough of your hair because your bun is not working or your 2 strand twists are not staying together. Be patient with your hair. Certain styles take practice and patience. If you don't have any for a certain style, don't do it until you are ready for that process. Your hair is your crown, treat your hair like royalty.

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months

Get Your Products Prompt and Ready
There are so many products out there to claim to protect your hair during rain, snow, hail, sun, and any other environmental season. However, there is no such thing as the "magic product." I will suggest that you stay with what works for you or get products that moisturize and seal in that moisture as well.Try the L.O.C. Method! Using this method will keep your hair moisturized, sealing, covered, and protected during the cooler seasons.

Humectants are a No-No!
In the summer you used honey in your deep conditioner and glycerin in your daily spritz, and that's a great regimen to follow...but in the cooler months, absolutely not! Humectants promote moisture retention (preservation, holding) and attract water from the atmosphere. In the cooler months, there is no moisture in the air and using a humectant will remove that very moisture from your hair. So no humectants in the cooler months!

Hair Tips | Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months
Protective Styling
For the fall and winter seasons, this will insure your hair to be protected and not brittle away in the wind. Protective styling is tucking your ends by either pinning, bunning, or twisting them away.

Natural hair says: No matter what tips or methods you have taken from me today, please remember to protect your hair for the cooler months. Curly, coily, and kinky has is more vulnerable during the fall and winter months, which could cause more breakage and less retained growth. Have fun with your hair this fall and winter!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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