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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hair Tips | Can Split Ends Be Fixed?

Healthy VS Split Ends
Image Source: www.rockitnapptural.com
"What's going on with my hair?! It keeps getting tangled and matted, even after I did my detangling process...I'm sad now and my hair sucks..."

I'm sure we have all had these thoughts here and there (hopefully, not everyday) and it's okay. It happens. There can be a number of reasons why your hair keeps getting matted and tangled:
  • You don't deep condition your hair enough
  • You slept without your silk/satin bonnet or scarf
  • You used a towel instead of a shirt to dry your hair...towel fibers infuse with your hair.
  • You didn't detangle your hair fully before styling or washing your hair

Can split ends be fixed?
Short answer: No
Long winded and full of information answer: Let's talk about it.

Split ends??? What are those?

A split end is an unraveled hair shaft that has been stripped of its protective layer, which causes the end of the hair to fray. The hair follicle is now broken and split into two or more strands. Once the damage has occurred, the hair can split an inch or more that causes frizzy and unmanageable hair. 

Different Kinds Of Split Ends
Image Source: kybelevirginhair.com

How do split ends come about?

Split ends occur from not properly caring for your hair. There are many unfortunate ways that split ends can occur:
  • Hair is dry and not properly moisturized
  • The ends of your hair are not protected (hence, protective style)
  • Excessive use of heating tools
  • Messy and crazy handling of the hair (tug, pull, jerk, yank, snag, rip, stress out)
  • The environment (wind, cold, heat, etc.)
  • Overusing chemicals like relaxers and color treatments
  • No set regimen and maintenance routine to follow

Okay...is there a way to prevent split ends?

The preventative measures are opposite of "what NOT to do" when caring for your hair:
  • Always remember MOISTURE!
  • Do hot oil, pre pooand/or deep conditioning treatments once a week
  • Detangle your hair properly and effectively.
  • If you used heat, only use on freshly washed hair and with a heat protectant
  • Don't sleep with your hair out. Use a satin scarf/bonnet
  • Be very gentle with your hair by the tools you use (brush, comb, tangle teaser)
If you take the preventative measures in protecting your hair from split ends, you will be less likely to come across them.

What if I already have split ends?

How Often Should You Trim Your Natural Hair?
If you already have split ends, don't fret too much...but there is a choice to be made here. You can either keep them or trim them. Trimming your ends makes your hair look neat and doesn't allow the split ends to catch onto other hair strands. However, you may choose to keep them if they don't bother you too much.

How do I trim my hair?

Professional trim
Usually the stylist would wash, deep condition, protein condition, blow dry, and flat iron your hair to see where the split ends are located. A professional trim is nice and your hair will look fresh, make sure you stylist is trimming instead of cutting your ends.

Do it yourself trim
Basically, you would wash, deep condition, protein condition, and either air dry or blow dry. Once your hair is completely dry, you would moisturize and seal your hair like you do (or should be doing) and two a two strand twist. Once you get down to the bottom, trim the ends off. I would do about 16 twists on my head, so I could be close to accurate as possible.

You can also search and destroy your split ends. You would go through sections of your hair and closely find split ends to trim. I feel this is the most accurate way, but it can take forever.

Sooooo no product will mend or fix my split ends?

No matter what commercial you see claims the product is awesome and begs you to buy it because it "can fix split ends," there is NO product that can fix the damage of split ends. Now the magic product can do some "mumbo-jumbo" to make the ends look healthy and shiny, but there is no way in reversing the damage.

But I saw...


Unhealthy, Split Ends
Image Source: blackgirllonghair.com
Natural hair says: trimming your hair can be a sad and depressed thought for you...but would you rather have long hair with split ends or hair that is nice and neat and will still grow regardless?

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


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