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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Hair Tips | "My Hair Wont Grow!" And Other Wacky Hair Myths

"My Hair Wont Grow!" And Other Wacky Hair Myths
I'm sorry...you said what?!?!?!?!?!

I don't know what people are telling you on the streets, at the stores, and even at your jobs, but some of these hair myths are pretty funny, amusing to hear, and just plain wacky! I mean, are you really gonna tell me that my hair doesn't grow because I have black hair...check out my pictures! Bamboozle your noodle!!!

Old wives tales and Grandma's words are not always true...I mean, respect your elders, but don't let them determine your hair regimen, your hair growth, and the way you see and love your own hair. I'm just saying...I was really feeling this one...

Check out a few of these myths I just had to post...I'm mean...are you serious?!?!

1). Black hair will not grow long.

Natural Hair Journey 2009-2014 - MahoganyCurls

You're kidding right?! Okay, check out the hair journeys and by how they grew their hair with patience, TLC, and a simple regimen:

Of course, black hair can grows long! Any hair grows, unless you have a medical condition. But black hair is really vulnerable to really anything and must be cared for with much TLC to reach it's optimal healthy state and the length you are going for.

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2). Black hair grows slowly...very slowly.

Let's clear this up: on average, hair grows 1/2 inch every month (6 inches a year). The issue is not "black hair grows slowly," but "retaining the length grown." Some on needs to tweet that!!! Put some effort into retaining your length and be patient with your hair.

3). Frequent trimming will help your hair to grow.

No, no sweetheart. Hair grows from your roots and not your ends. Trimming your ends will make your style appear neater, not promote hair growth.

4). Greasing your scalp will promote hair growth

Do you remember sitting between your mother's legs on Saturday mornings as she was greasing your scalp? I'm sure we all had it! Well, sorry mama but you were clogging my pores with mineral oil and petroleum. Now even though mama was using grease on the scalp, she would also massage your head - massaging does promote hair growth. But grease??? Heck no!

5). Natural hair is healthier than relaxed hair.

Lies they tell!! There have been numerous women with relaxed hair that have healthy hair like:
Any hair that is taken care of properly with the right products, patience, and TLC has the possibility to be healthy hair. The key for chemical processing your hair is to stretch the relaxers to 10-12 weeks, and not every 4-6 weeks. You would be double processing your hair and cause it to thin out.

6). You can mend split ends with certain products.

Or you can mend split ends by cutting those suckers off. Once your ends are split, that's it for that strand. There are companies that claim to fix split ends, but the products may have silicone or beeswax in them. The two ingredients will give an appearance of smooth and healthy ends, but the split ends are still there. So, if you have split ends,  trim them off and move on.

7). I have to use the product with the brown girl on it or the ones in the "ethnic section."

"My Hair Wont Grow!" And
Other Wacky Hair Myths
You don't need to be limited to what companies are promoting towards black hair. Hair products are supposed to give you what your hair needs. That's why it's important to know how to read labels effectively. Just find products you need for your own hair and not because the "brown girl" is on the products.

8). If you use the same hair products, over time they will stop working

Now, this makes absolutely no sense! Don't fix what ain't broken.

9). Washing hair too much can dry your hair out

Now, your hair could be dry after washing because your water is hard or you are using a sulfate shampoo every week, which strips your hair completely of its natural oils.  If you want to freshen up your hair, trying co-washing with a conditioner weekly to add extra moisture and using your shampoo monthly. 

10). Wearing buns, braids, and weave often can make your hair fall out

If you style your hair in buns, braids, and weaves everyday-all day-with no rest in between, this will wreak havoc on the protein of your hair strands and your poor baby edges. Over time, as you are pulling at your hair strands these styling options will damage your hair follicles. Also, constantly pulling at your edges will cause traction alopecia - gradual hair loss by pulling forcefully and constantly to the hair.

11). Always comb your hair from roots to your ends.

"My Hair Wont Grow!" And
Other Wacky Hair Myths
Ouch! Really? If you want to lose lots of hair in the battle, then go right ahead. Always start from the ends and work your way up to the roots to minimize knots, tangles, split ends, and hair damage.

12). Going outside with wet hair, in the cold, can make you sick.

Colds and flus are caused by the exposure to a virus, y'all! If you do happen to get so cold to get hypothermia, - dangerous drop in body temperature, usually caused by prolonged exposure to cold temperatures, that would make you susceptible to an infection.

14). Natural hair is expensive to care for and hard to manage.

Everyone always seems to have some sort of remedy, solution, or the next BIG THING to care for natural hair, but your hair regimen can be as simple as 1-2-3. You don't need to jump on the bandwagon needing "these oils," "those butters," and "this natural hair line." Find products that work for you, but also keep it simple.

Do you have anymore to add? Let's hear them!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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