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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Hair Diary | My Styles Are FIERCE!

My Hair Diary
Have you been keeping up with your hair diary?! I know I have!

I update every two weeks on Thursdays with the following details: styles did, products used, what worked, what sucked, and my true feelings on "everything hair."

I keep my hair diary on an app, "My Wonderful Days," in which I can add pictures, videos, and of course my writing entry. I have kept this diary since July 2011.

I will share my entry that I posted on October 30, 2014:

Natural hair declares...my styling options are FIERCE!!!

My styling options have been pretty awesome! I had a few flubs here and there these past two weeks, but other than that, my out and low manipulation styles have been on point. I even found a few old pictures to compare with my hair in the present time.

Faux hawk

My Hair Diary | My Styles Are FIERCE!

Did on freshly washed hair and used Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Castor Oil to fluff into an afro. Since my hair is naturally coily, it did take some doing to get my hair to the Afro look exactly the way I wanted it. I did Bantu knot my hair in 8 knots to re moisturize and sleep on during the night then fluffed for the morning.


My Hair Diary | My Styles Are FIERCE!

I posted a pic of my 2013 faux hawk compared with my 2014 and I must say that my hair has grown a lot of course! Can you say "flourish?!"

Twist out

How To | Twist Out With Dry, Stretched Hair Tutorial

I used my DIY mist, smoothie, and JBCO for the ends.

Perm rod set 1

This set was too pretty. I have a great love for perm rod sets now! I used 64 rods and the gold eye shadow on my ends by Maybelline. I also bobby pinned the back to make it look like a faux Bob.

Perm rod set 2

Confessing My Own Thoughts | Perm Rod Set #Fail

#fail...I did this style at 9pm at night after completely washing my hair, knowing that I had to get up at 6am the next morning. I should of just sat under the dryer for a few hours!!! So yep, my hair wasn't dry and I was left with a wet mop the next morning...

Mini Twists

How To | Mini Twists On Fine Natural Hair

Yay for mini twists! I was inspired by Alicia James to do them and I absolutely love this style.


Natural Hair Length Check

Natural Hair Length Check

Natural Hair Length Check

Do I detect length???

But you can clearly see that my hair has grown and has become very healthy in the past few months. I did start using JBCO in April until now to massage my scalp with. Also, I've been taking really good care of my tresses. So TLC is def the key!

And There You Have It! What have you written in your hair diary lately?

This entry is an example in how I keep my hair diary. Not too hard, eh? If you need help to start or need more ideas for your hair diary, check out It Works - Keeping a Hair Diary.

Natural hair says...keeping a hair diary can seem like so much work. But when you put the time in to create a hair diary, you can see the progress in your hair journey from your own words. After a few entries, you will be doing yours like clockwork. Try it!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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