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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Senegalese Twists | Getting Them Done At The Salon

Senegalese Twists At The Salon

So remember in Protective Style Series! | Vol 1.1: Prepping The Hair, I gave tips and methods to prepare your hair before getting your long-term style. Mine is going to be Senegalese twists! Now that I'm at the braiding salon* I will give you a few tips while sitting in the chair getting your hair braided and not "your neck broken with a bleeding scalp!"

Senegalese Twists At The Salon

Make sure you hair is moisturized

As you get your hair braided, you may noticed that the braider is not using any products for your hair. Or maybe she brought out that tub of LET'S JAM to use on your scalp. Moisturizing your hair before your style is so important for your hair's health and also while in the protective style. By the way, if she does pull out that LET'S JAM, tell her not to use it on your scalp. Product buildup will come from it at your roots and it's not even a moisturizer...

Make sure your hair is stretched and blown out for braiding
I know in Prepping The Hair I ended that article with my hair blow dried, moisturized, and stretched in two strand twists. But please make sure that your hair is in full blown out state before going to the braider...THANK GOD my hair was detangled while in its stretched state, because the braider literally tried to "break my neck" while blow drying. I had to shut her down and let her know to be gentle with my hair or I have no problem leaving.

Tell your braider exactly what you want

Don't let the braider choose the color nor the style. If you don't want your braids small, long, curly, etc., make sure you tell the braider. If you don't, your braider will just assume you are happy with the braiding technique and the style. Also, once a braider begins the styling process, you usually are not able to get a refund if you don't like it - SO SPEAK UP!

Senegalese Twists At The Salon

Don't get braids too small nor too tight
This is so important for your own hair health. Do not get comfortable with braids so tight that if the braider moves your braids, you flinch. And watch out for your edges!When your braider is braiding your edges, hold your finger down on the root. Putting your finger down on the root will relieve some stress to that area.

Make sure all braiders are on the same page

When you get your hair in a braided style, most times there will be more than one braider on your head. Make sure they all know what style you want. You don't want all your hair to be what you want, except for the front-right side of your hair being something totally different.

Now just enjoy getting your hair done!

Once your hair is done, your braider (or whoever is doing your hair) will seal your hair will either hot water. Then your braider will spray sheen and you are ready to go!

Senegalese Twists At The Salon
Natural hair says: the most important thing when getting your hair done is to SPEAK UP! Know what style you want and how the person is doing during the process of styling your hair. If you are hurting or uncomfortable, tell your stylist. A closed mouth does not get fed!

Check out how I helped the braider with her own hair below!

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

*Alid African Hair Braiding - 3033 Lafayette Rd, Indianapolis, IN ‎ (317) 329-1523

Senegalese Twists At The Salon
***I'm don't think I am a full-on expert at natural hair, but I do believe my experiences with my own hair allows me to help others with their hair. When my braider was blow drying my hair she told me, "Your hair is very soft and looks so nice..." Then she asked me, "What do you use to make your hair good? My hair is a complete mess. It keeps falling every time I touch it and I just don't know what to do..."

I knew that I needed to help her so she can be happy and in result my hair would look great - instead of her being sad and that take affect on my hair. So I said, "When was the last time you deep conditioned?" She said, "Deep condition?" So I gave her the run down on how deep conditioning is very important for hair health. I also gave her tips on doing a protein treatment for her hair. I am very glad I was able to help her and that she received all I gave her. This is why it's important to know your own hair...sometimes a stylist, hair dresser, braider, beautician does not have all the answers for your own hair.

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