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Friday, November 7, 2014

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Shea Butter To Protect And Nourish Natural Hair

Shea Butter For Healthy Natural Hair

During the cold, winter months, my natural hair needs a bit more 'umph' to protect against the harsh climate I began looking up DIY Shea butter mixes to add some flare and life to my butter.


So I decided to make my own mixture...

What is Shea Butter?

Shea butter is a natural fat that is extracted from nut of Shea tree. This natural ingredient is produced from the Shea-Karite tree nut, which is a native tree found in the tropics of East and West Africa. Shea butter contains Vitamin A, E, F and others, that protect our bodies from free radicals (damage healthy cells and responsible for many of the health issues: hair loss for example).

What are the benefits?

Shea butter is also known to heal burns and injuries, and to get rid of surgical marks, dermatitis, and stretch marks.

In terms of hair, Shea butter helps to re-grow hair in a healthy way, protect the hair from the environment, and softens and conditions hair. Shea butter also contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which drive out the scalp and skin conditions (life eczema and psoriasis that contribute to hair loss).


Ivory Vs. Yellow Butter...what's the difference?

There is a huge misconception concerning the two butters. I know when I first learned about Shea butter, all I saw was the marketed 'yellow' butter. The yellow butter is actually called African Butter and is from a different tree and climate than Shea, hence why the butters would be completely different.

Organic Shea Butter is an ivory color, not white. Shea butter comes from a tree in the open savannah and is drought tolerant.

African butter, which is a bright yellow color grows from a completely different tree and different climate. African butter comes from a tree from dense forest that requires moist and shaded conditions.

African Butter does have similar properties to Shea Butter in that it aides in anti-aging, healing of the skin, and conditioning of the hair. Some may prefer the ivory Shea butter because it is creamier and has a light smell. The African butter has a strong earthly smell. It just depends on your own preference.

So the bottom line is yellow Shea butter is AFRICAN BUTTER and ivory Shea butter is Organic.

Although Shea butter seems tough to work with, "whipping" it will make it so easy to manage and apply to your hair. Use any carrier or essential oil in your mixture to will keep the Shea butter from re-hardening.


Shea Butter Crème de la Crème Recipe

You will need:

Shea Butter For Healthy Natural Hair
1/2 cup Raw Undefined Shea Butter (protects against environmental stress)
1 tbsp. Coconut Oil (shines and moisturizes, stimulates hair growth, conditions scalp)

1 tsp Sweet Almond Oil (high in Vitamin E, smooth hair cuticle, softens hair)

1 tsp Castor Oil (humectant, cleanses toxins from scalp, thickens hair)

2 tsp Jojoba Oil (resembles human oil, leaves hair soft, highly penetrative)

3 drops Peppermint Essential Oil (stimulate blood flow to scalp for hair growth)

Glass Bowl


Jar for mixture

Making the Shea butter mixture:

Have your Shea butter out in room temperature for a few hours before starting the recipe, so it could be soft to work with. Place your softened Shea butter in the glass bowl and heat in the microwave for 30 seconds to soften even more.
Shea Butter Recipe For Natural Hair
Once your butter is more manageable to work with, add your oils and mix vigorously with your spoon. When your mixture is one consistency, pour it into your jar. You can use your Shea butter mixture now while liquefied or wait until it becomes a crème. Either way, this mixture works great!

Shea Butter Recipe For Natural Hair
It was soft like pudding and was really easy to manage. It also slid right down my hair shaft, instead of looking like cake batter on tresses. I will say that when I used the Shea butter crème to re moisturize and seal my hair, my hair felt so soft, healthy, and moisturize! And I mean throughout the entire day!!!

If you would like a more fluffy and creamy Shea butter mixture, use an electric mixer.

Also...it's cost effective!! I just used what I had in my kitchen cabinet!!!! I'm just saying...pictures don't lie...

Shea Butter For Healthy Natural Hair
Natural hair says: give the Shea butter crème a try if you need something to protect your hair for the colder months, have Shea butter laying around getting crusty and crumbled, or if you are looking for a simple DIY recipe to try. You can always tweak it to make it your own.
Always Desire Your Natural,
Christina J

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