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Monday, December 15, 2014

Holiday Hair | 8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

Image Credit: Essence


I love Christmas so much 1). because that is the day Jesus Christ was born and 2). I love the joy and love shared on Christmas day. I'm definitely a gift-giving kind of gal and I love making others feel loved by kisses, hugs, and gifts! 

I know you love Christmas time for the awesome food, great family games, Christmas caroling, and wonderful gifts you get too. I feel you on that one!  But during the year of 2014, the natural hair world has really EXPLODED into something so profound to women today. To accept their true beauty and to love all of their kinks, curls, and coils is a wonderful message spread from all over the world. So if you know a natural hair woman and don't know what to get her for Christmas, believe me that she will appreciate anything catered to her natural hair. Here are 8 gift ideas to get a natural hair woman for Christmas!

Natural Hair Paraphernalia

It doesn't matter what kind of paraphernalia you get a natural hair woman. She will love to represent her love for natural hair in any kind of way. Here are few ideas:

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

Image Credit: Global Couture
Tee shirts - Jackets - Sweatshirts - Polos
Mugs - Kitchen Apparel - Magnets
Bathroom Supplies - Stickers - Art Work
Totes - Jewelry - Phone Cases
Pens/Pencils - Notebooks - Binders - Books

You can check out the natural hair paraphernalia here:
Global Couture | Apparel And Accessories
The Dyna Smiles Stationary And Gifts
Cafe Press | Natural Hair
Cotton Candy Playground
Yes Lioness | Gifts For Black Women

Satin Pillowcase

If your woman is a natural hair girl or you have a friend who complains about wrapping her hair up at night, she would definitely appreciate a satin pillowcase. The benefits of a satin pillowcase are: eliminate bed head, does not dry the hair out (like cotton pillowcases), and prevents aging! Who wouldn't want those benefits? Sometimes naturalistas do not like wrapping up their hair at night and just go straight to bed. Ms. naturalista would love the gesture of a satin pillowcase already wrapped around her favorite pillow!

Hair Steamer

If you know a natural hair woman, then you know that she is always into moisturizing her hair. That is very important to her hair healthy during her hair journey. So why not surprise her with a hair steamer to show that you understand her hair health and to help her relax during one of the days that she would just want to sit and chill. Ms. naturalista would definitely love this!

Hair Accents and Accessories

All naturalistas love to added flowers, pearl pins, satin scarves, and bows to accent their style with some JAZZ and PI-ZAZZ. Get her a few hair accessories from her favorite stores and watch how she will accent up her hair with your gifts.

Check out a few natural hair accessories sites for ideas:

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

Image Credit: Boutique
de Bandeaux
AfriquelaChic | Natural Hair Accessories
Tomoka's Twists | Natural Hair Accessories and More


8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

Image Credit: Black Hair Information
Yes a bunch a rollers! Curlformers have been the new craze during the year 2014 and is still something your natural hair woman may have been meaning to try for the New Year. Try beating her in purchasing these for her so she can have the stretched-curly hair style to welcome the New Year!


Satin Lined Winter Hat

If you purchase your natural hair woman a satin lined winter hat, she would most definitely be grateful for the gift. Regular winter hats suck the moisture from the hair and the hair can be pulled by the hat when taken off. Who has time for that?! But hey! Since it is winter time, purchase the satin line winter hat for her to protect her hair from the winter cold and her hair as well.

Natural Hair Barbie

Do you have any natural hair girls of your own? Does your best friend collect Barbie dolls? Purchase the  to see that the toys they play with look like them and cross by the constant reminder that natural hair is beautiful. Go ahead and purchase a few!

8 Christmas Gift Ideas For That Naturalista

Natural Hair Barbie Dolls

Jar of Coconut Oil

And when all else fails and always fall back on that good ol' coconut oil. You may not understand why coconut oil should be a gift for a natural hair woman, but rest assured that she will gladly welcome and use your gift everyday. Coconut oil is the tried and true product that penetrates the hair shaft to condition and seal the hair, no matter what hair style she has. So I'm not blaming you for looking for a gift on Christmas Eve during the rush OR you just didn't know what to get and my article came to late...I'm telling you: coconut oil! She will not be disappointed!!!

I'm not picky with gifts, but I won't mind have a basket with a few things catered to my natural hair and interests. If it's on your heart, go ahead and get a few of these for me off this list!

Have A Safe And Joyful Merry Christmas! Kiss The Baby For Me!!!

Natural hair says: whatever gift you choose to get for the natural hair woman in your life, give it from your heart. Remember that Jesus is the reason for the season! So don't go all out and break the bank for gifts. Your natural hair woman will definitely appreciate whatever you give from the heart.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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