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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

CurlKit Unboxing | November 2014

CurlKit Unboxing | November 2014

What exactly is "subscribing to CurlKit?"
Well, CurlKit gives the customers an opportunity to receive 6-9 samples and full-size products for their own hair pleasure for $20 each month. The products range from hair tools, hair accessories, moisturizers, shampoos, oil, and conditioners from well-known brands to emerging hair companies. With a CurlKit monthly subscription, the products you will receive have been tested and catered to curly, coily, and kinky hair. Yay!
"Why subscribe to CurlKit?"
One may subscribe to CurlKit because she may not know exactly what she wants or needs for her hair and does not want to spend so much money on lots of hair products (i.e. product junkie). Another may subscribe to CurlKit just to try different products to review for the public. And lastly, the final one may subscribe to CurlKit just to try different products and have fun with them...even though she has a set regimen and staple products (clears throat) that would be me!

"What about CurlBox? What's the difference between CurlKit and CurlBox?"
Since the CurlKit of November 2014 is my first one, I really cannot give you a thorough evaluation of the differences. However, here are a few comparisons I have put together of CurlKit and CurlBox:
Founded: April 2012 by Heather Cummings
Membership: Monthly/$20
Subscribe: Recurring Monthly, 3 Month  Gift Subscription, 6 Month Gift Subscription
Monthly Kit includes: 6-9 samples and full size products
Products Known: It's A Surprise!
Purchase products on CurlKit: Yes
Deals/Clearance: Deal of the Day
Other Products: Body and Bath
Unsubscribe: Anytime

Founded: February 2012 by Myleik Teele
Membership: Monthly/$20 or $40 for the natural kit
Subscribe: First Come, First Served
Monthly Box includes: 5-7 samples
Products Known: Yes - Check the website
Purchase products on CurlBox: Not individual, only bundles
Deals/Clearance: No
Other Products: No
Unsubscribe: Anytime
Follow: Twitter, Twitter

Well, let's get to the unboxing of CurlKit of November 2014!

I received my CurlKit sometime in the middle of November. Let me just say that my CurlKit was wrapped up tightly with postal bubbled wrap around it...OKAY?! I mean, it was wrapped so tightly that I had to really get in with the scissors, box cutter, and  myhandy saw (with special care) to open up my box. And when I did eventually get it open, I saw that my November box was featured with "Curl FĂȘte." So cool!

  • My box came with 4 samples, 2 conditioning packs, and 4 full-sized bottles. Each of the bottles were wrapped with tough plastic and they were all neatly packaged. I loved it! I will say that for my first box, my $20 spent for this month was well used. I definitely appreciate that!

    CurlKit Unboxing | November 2014

    Look at all the products!!

    CurlKit Unboxing | November 2014

    Shine Silk N' Jam Edges with Olive Oil - Two Sample Sizes
    ORI Essentials Moisturizing Leave-In Conditioner - 8 fl.oz
    Mixed Chicks Replenishing Oil - Two Sample Sizes
    ORS Uplifting Shampoo - 4 fl. oz

    CurlKit Unboxing | November 2014

    Cream of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco Moisturizing Milk Masque Repairing Treatment - 1 Pack 
    ORS Hair Mayonnaise Intensive Conditioning Treatment Conditioner - 1 Pack
    Kandy Kurls Lemoncello Daily Refresher - 8 fl.oz
    African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Silky Hair Moisturizer 12oz

    I will definitely give all the products a try and also give a review on each of them during the month of December 2014. I am very pleased with the products I have received from CurlKit!

    Natural hair says: if you are struggle with finding the right products for you, stop spending so much money and subscribe to CurlKit (I'm biased, you can subscribe to CurlBox too). This way you can get a big bang for your buck instead of all your bucks dying...ya feel me?!


    Always Desire Your Natural,

    Christina J


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