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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My Hair Diary | Christina J On Essence.com

Natural Hair Feature | Christina J On Essence.com

My Selfie Journey: Christina J

Ya girl is on Essence!!!!!!

Whoa, I'm just humbled and speechless :) This recognition and opportunity means a lot to me because:

  1. I read Essence everyday,
  2. I am a subscriber to Essence magazine,
  3. I get to inspire others from my own experiences on Essence!

The thing is...I didn't even know I was on Essence.com until my friend texted me as I was coming home from work, "Hey Girl! Want to let you know I saw you on Essence...looking good :-) I know you are sooooooo excited!!! Congrats...awesome!" I had to call her to verify!

See, I do read Essence everyday...but today just happened to be the day I didn't do my daily reading. But I'm glad she told me!

Thank you all for your support! And thank you Deena Campbell and Essence for this opportunity to share my natural hair story with your readers.

Natural Hair Feature | Christina J On Essence.com

My Selfie Journey: Christina J

Check it out! My Selfie Journey: Christina J!

If you are interested in sharing your hair journey on Essence.com:

You can send your natural hair story to BeautyEditors@essence.com
  • Eight to ten photos of your hairstyles over the years
  • A caption for each photo explaining your look
  • A 150 word statement that tells the story of your natural hair journey
  • Links to your blog and social media profiles (if applicable)
  • If your photos are selected to appear on the site, you will be contacted by email

Natural hair says: share your hair journey with others. You never know where it may be posted or who you will inspire!

Always Desire Your Natural,

 Christina J

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