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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hair Tips | When Your Hair Does Not Grow...

When Your Hair Does Not Grow...

"My hair growth sucks!" "Black hair just won't grow." "I was at ear length in 2013 and I'm still at ear length at the end of 2014!!!"

So you think your hair did not grow in 2014? I will say...IT DID! You just did not RETAIN THE LENGTH! I'm going to help you plan for success in 2015 to help you reach your goal, whether health, growth, thickness, shine, or all of the above. I will give the information, but you must put the work in.

Here are 10 tips to grow your hair in 2015:

1). Keep a hair diary

How are you going to know your progress if you don't keep pictures and/or descriptions of styles, products, and regimens you used? You can't! It is so important to track your progress. You can update your journal every week, once a month, every four months, or all of the above. When you track your progress, mistakes, growth, and failures, you have a guide to help you in what you need to do for next time.

Also, when you keep pictures and you still think your hair isn't growing...go back 6 months ago to see where your hair was then. When you see your own progress in your pictures, that's all the inspiration you really need to continue on your journey.

2). Set a hair regimen to your lifestyle

You must have a hair regimen to help discipline yourself and the way to treat your hair. A healthy hair regimen consists of: shampoo, condition, leave-in, seal, style. You can add other steps if you like, but those are the basics for a healthy hair regimen.

Also, try hair challenges. You can try the castor oil challenge or no-heat challenge. That will help you stay on a consistent regimen and will also push you towards healthy hair as well.

3). Stop worrying so much about length!

Taking pictures weekly of your hair length will only get you sad about your length and envious of others. No two journeys are the same with hair growth. So instead of worrying about the length of your hair, start caring and loving your hair in the state that she is in. When you love your hair more, she will respond back with the same love.

4). Moisturize and seal your hair effectively

When Your Hair Does Not Grow...
Look at your hair...feel your hair...does it look and feel dry? Then doust your hair in water and/or a moisturizer! Water is a great moisturizer. Products that have water as the first ingredient tend to be a moisturizer you can use. I will also add that sealing your moisturizer with an oil is great too. Remember that a little oil goes a long way, so you don't need to drench your hair in it; just enough to seal in your moisture.

5). Be smart about protective styling

Protective Styles  is putting your hair in a style that causes you to tuck your ends away to prevent damage to them. Be very smart about protective styling though. When you put a long-term protective style in your hair (more than 4 weeks), then you have to keep up with the care of your natural hair as well.

Also, I do not recommend getting long term styling BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK-TO-BACK. That's just not healthy for your hair, which could cause: tangling, breakage, and dryness. Get your protective style, short term or long term. Just don't forget about caring for your hair as well.

6). You still double processing and over processing with chemicals?

I went through this horrendous and detrimental phase in my life...so sad; so I definitely know what I'm talking about. My hair was double processed with a caramel blonde color and a relaxer at the same time, like in the same appointment! My hair was not taken care of properly: no deep conditioner, no protein treatment, over processing with the relaxer, and rough handling by my former beautician. Oh, she was breaking my neck with the chemicals! And surely, I did not know at the time...but if you are being rough handled or not cared for properly, GET OUT OF THE SEAT!

When Your Hair Does Not Grow...

7). Check the way you detangle your hair

If you hear a "rip," "tear," "pop," or "snap," then you are definitely doing your hair some damage. You need to be very gentle with your hair and treat her like silk.

And whatever you do, PLEASE START FROM THE ENDS and work your way up to the roots. If you start at the roots first, you can come across knots and more tangles than expected.

8). Watch how you place hair accessories in your style

Hair accessories are so much fun and a creative way to show your personality through your hair styles. Purchase hair accessories that won't pull on your hair or make the style too uncomfortable for you. Stay away from rubber bands, ponytail holders with metal parts, and blunt ended bobby pins. You will snag, tear, and rip your hair with every move of the hair accessory. Have fun with your hair accessories, but remember your hair health as well.

9). Cover hair at night...ALWAYS!

I always tell my girls that no matter if your hair is messy, you are taking your braids out in the morning, or your sew-in is being taken out in a few day, you need to always protect your hair at night. You can purchase satin bonnets  and scarves at any store for $3 to $10. Satin pillow cases are for those who just cannot seem to wrap their hair nor find their scarves at night.This is a great investment for those with longer hair. I keep the motto: TREAT YOUR HAIR LIKE SILK.

10). You are what you eat

When Your Hair Does Not Grow...

Your hair is most made of protein...your hair needs that to thrive! Drink your water, eat your vegetables, exercise at least 3 times a week. Remember to stay healthy and strive to be in the best shape you can be in.

Natural hair says: your hair grows. Point-blank-period. Let's retain our growth in 2015 by keep our hair healthy from the inside out. Make a change this upcoming year for positive results in your hair journey!

Always Desire Your Natural and HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Christina J


  1. Tamicka6/25/2015

    That top picture is definitely me lol the tips you give are so simple, but very effective. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Haha I feel that. I still use these same tips for my own hair care. Thanks for stopping by!


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