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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Roller Set | Flexi Rod Natural Hair With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer

Flexi Rod Natural Hair
With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer

I am so excited about Christmas this year! First off this is my baby's 1st Christmas, which I am so excited about...but he absolutely has no idea it is Christmas. I'm also excited because I am styling my own hair for the Holidays. Now I did just take out my Senegalese twists, so I want to keep my hairstyle very simple. So I decided to do a flexi rod set!

I'm just saying that roller sets and curls are in this Winter season! Show off your curly sets using flexi rods!!!

What are flexi rods?

Flexi rods (also called hair twirlers) are long, flexible cushioned rods used to create long, spiral curls. You can also use flexi rods to elongate your hair. These curlers do not require pins or clips to secure, but you bend them to stay in your hair. They comes in different sizes, which are differentiated by color.

What's so great about flexi rods?

Did I say they were great??? Well, you are spoke before I did...YES THEY ARE GREAT! They are so easy to work with. I suggest using flexi rods if this is your first time doing a roller set, because they are the easiest rollers to manage.

Before we start anything...Make sure your flexi rods are clean!

Start with freshly washed, damp hair. Make sure that your hair is fully detangled for a sleek finish. Make sure to get all the products you need for your style. I decided to use Naturalista Cosmetics Juicy Leave in and Curls-R-Us Curl Definer.

Section your hair in 4-6 workable sections

It is easier to start from the back to the front. Section a small section of hair and add your moisturizer and setting lotion to that part. Detangle your hair with your wide-tooth comb or Denman brush. Starting at the end of your hair, roll the flexi rod UPWARDS to your scalp. Bend the flexi rod in place. Continue to do this all over your hair. Once complete you can air dry (take at least 8 hours) or use a hooded dryer (2-3 hours) to set the hair
Flexi Rod Natural Hair With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer
Make sure the hair is completely dry before taking out the rollers (check in the middle of the head - if still damp, continue to allow the hair to dry

Once hair is completely dry, take out all the flexi rods. Pour a bit of serum in your hands and run along the hair (optional)
Flexi Rod Natural Hair With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer
Separate the curls for a fuller look and use a pick to lift the roots, to hide the parts in the hair.

Enjoy your roller set!

Flexi Rod Natural Hair With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer

I really do love my new hair doo! I would love to do this more often during the Winter season. I will definitely play with the different setting lotions I do have to create the best spiral set for myself. However, for the first flexi rod set, I really did a great job. Yay for success!

However!!! Flexi rods are NOT COMFORTABLE TO SLEEP IN. I was tossing and turning that night, trying to air dry my hair before opting to use my hooded dryer in the morning. You can't see bags under my eyes because I used that GOOD-GOOD on them and it was CHRISTMAS DAY! So I had to look my best. I will definitely use flexi rods again...but I will NEVER sleep with them ever-never-never-none-nope-nilch-nunca-ain't no body got time for that!!

Other than that, the flexi rod sets are pretty awesome and can last a few days to a week, as long as you care for your hair. Just put a bonnet on it or sleep on a satin pillow with your hair in a pineapple and fluff in the morning.

Styling products you should try are:

Flexi Rod Natural Hair
With Curls-R-Us Curl Definer
Design Essentials Compositions Foaming Wrap Lotion
Jane Carter Solution Wrap And Roll
Smooth 'N Shine Olive And Tea Tree Mousse
Miss Jessie's Quick Curls
Nubian Heritage Honey And Black Seed Heat Protect Keratin Wrap Mousse
Shea Moisture Coconut And Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse

Check out more rod styles:

Natural hair says: flexi rod set are so easy to do and as long as you use a moisturizer, a setting/curling lotion, and wait for your hair to completely dry, your curls should come out a beautiful masterpiece created by YOU!!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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