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Monday, December 8, 2014

Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale

Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
My sister, Aletha, and I were chillin' at the Parentals on Sunday afternoon and I was really interested on how she viewed her own natural hair. So I thought I would ask her a bunch of questions just to see how she felt about her hair. So I blurted, "I want to talk about your natural hair. Is that okay?" Aletha scream, "Yay!" This is awesome! She gets excited talking about her hair like I do mine. So here we go:

Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale

All About My Natural

How long have you been natural?
All my life. That would be 17 years.

How would you describe your hair?
My hair is really thick and really curly.

How long is your hair?
My hair is a little past my arm pits.

What made you stay natural as opposed to getting a relaxer?
Well, getting a relaxer - I feel it would make my hair fall out. I really don't know too much about relaxers. And I like my curly hair. It really brings out my personality. I mean, it enhances my beauty. I really don't see myself with straight hair.

What do you love most about your hair?
I love how thick my hair is. Everyone tells me, "Oo girl you thick!" And I'm like, "Yasss hunty! Both ways baby!" But that's clearly off topic [chuckles]. I just love my thick, curly hair and no one can take that away from me. I feel awesome!

How do you feel being a naturalista?
I never really knew what 'being natural' meant at first. And before I knew that, I always wanted my hair straight. That was years ago. But now that I do know what 'being natural' means, I feel awesome about being a naturalista. My hair is very precious to me and I feel really good about myself.

All About My Regimen And Products

What are your fav hair products?
I love aloe vera juice, Shea Moisture Smoothie, and Olive oil. That's all I need for my hair.

Where do you get these products?
I don't purchase my products. I get them from my sister, Christina.

What is your hair routine like?
Well, when I get up in the morning, I spray my hair with water and aloe vera juice. Then I massage olive oil on my scalp and edges. Then I add the Smoothie on my Afro to give it a bit fluffy-ness. I always wear an Afro puff, so that's about it for me. Oh! And I wear my satin bonnet every night. Very simple.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
What is your Wash Day like?
I use Suave shampoo and conditioner. I wash my hair twice a month. Not too hard.

Are you improving your hair routine or do you have it down?
Well, let me say this: at first, I was terrible - like I never did anything with my hair. I was a full-on tomboy with no hair ambition. I used to not pay attention to my hair at all. But now, I feel good about my hair. So my hair routine is improving.

Do you make any DIY products for your hair?
Other than the water, aloe vera juice, and olive oil in my spray bottle, not really.

How do you handle your edges?
I make sure I massage my edges when I can remember. Even when olive oil is in my spray bottle, I make sure I still massage my edges to give them that TLC. I care for my edges the most.

Do you trim your hair?
I do not trim my hair. I have never had a trim in my life.

All About My Styling

What are your favorite natural hair styles?
My favs are the Afro and Afro puff. I do love faux hawks too. But anything Afro-tastic, I absolutely love.

What styles would you like to try?
Well, I actually like what I do. Afro-ness all the way!
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale

Do you have any faux/extension styles you like?
I have gotten extensions here and there, and they were cute. So every now and again, I would do braids to take a break from my hair. But nothing sewn, glued, hammed, or taped  - I don't want anything like that. I feel like all that extra weave rips your hair out. I don't trust them.

What are some things you see other naturalistas doing that you just cannot seem to do?
I don't really pay attention to what other naturals do with their hair. I love their styles, but I don't compare my styles with theirs or wish I could do their styles on my hair.

Do you use heat on your hair?
I used to use heat, but I stopped doing it. For me, using any kind of heat is dumb. I don't like it.  It takes too much time. And my hair stays straight for like...5 minutes! No point at all.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
Do you color your hair?
I have not colored my hair, but when I had extensions I would have red highlights. I would like to try a light brown and maybe a blonde. I would love blue hair one day. Like that royal blue. Yes all blue hair!

All About Others and My Natural

What are other's reactions to your hair? Like family, friends, and strangers.
Family members say, 'You got some good hair,' and 'Your hair is so long.' But others would say, 'It's dry and you need to moisturize it...'  and 'I don't like it...you should straighten it.' But I don't care either way. I love my hair!

Friends would say, 'OMG! Girl you have so much hair.' 'I want your hair!' 'Can we switch hair?' 'Oh man! Your hair!!!'

Strangers say, 'Oo! I love your curls' 'How do you get your hair like that?'

Do you mind when strangers touch your hair?
Not at all. I mean, just as long as they don't pull my hair. So yes, they can. Just don't pull and mess it up.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
So let's say you are at a basketball game and you are sitting in your chair enjoying it. Then you feel someone touching your Afro puff...what would you say?
It really depends. If the person is just resting their hand in my hair like an arm rest, I'll be like, "Get out of my hair please..." But if they compliment my hair while touching it, I wouldn't mind.

All About My Memories And Experiences

What has been the most memorable part of your hair journey?

Well, I had to be 7 or 8 and I cut the top of my hair clean off. I mean, cut to the scalp of my head! Interesting story: My sisters played with Barbies and loved doing their hair. My sister, Christina, was always the hair dresser and would do hair cuts for the ones who would go in her shop. I think she really wanted to be a stylist. So I went to the bathroom to use my art scissors and cut the top of my hair right off!!

How did other's react to that 'cutting catastrophe?'
My mother was P.O.'d at my sisters about it. She really tried to cover the top of my hair by bringing the sides of my hair up to form a two strand twist on top...but you could clearly tell my hair was cut. I looked crazy!
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
[Christina insert: "I remember mom went to your (Aletha) school and spoke with the teacher [laughs uncontrollably] and said that you (Aletha) cut your hair. Mom said to make sure the children don't make fun of you [laughs crazy and without end]. I mean, you (Aletha) thought it was a game. You didn't know. [To Aletha] we had two Barbies that were exactly same. One with long hair and one with cut hair...Aletha thought she had a button to make her hair come back! [laughter and more laughter].

Was that the biggest mistake of your hair journey or are there other hair regrets?
Nope, that was pretty much it [chuckles].

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated about your hair?
Not at all.

Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
Do you have any fav natural hair websites, blogs, YouTube videos, or books?
Well, the only thing I look at is Christina's...Desire My Natural. But I'm still learning.

All About My Goals and Inspirations

What are your goals for your natural hair?
My main goal is to just keep my hair healthy. That's about it. Just keeping my hair healthy and thick.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale
Anything else to add about your natural hair journey?
My natural hair journey has actually been really important to me. Most of the help came from my sister. I know how to do my hair effectively, moisturize, and seal my hair. I know when my hair is dry and when I need to wash it. Basically, I just want to better my hair throughout my hair journey.

Anything inspiration to others you are wanting to be natural?
Well, check out my sister's website! That's where I learn all my stuff. Also, enjoy your hair and love yourself always.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Aletha
And Her 17 Years Of Au Naturale

Thank you love bug for doing this natural hair interview for my site! I'm sure you will inspire others with your hair journey. You surely have inspired me!

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Natural hair says: natural hair interviews are a way to get others to tell their hair story in hopes of inspiring others to continue on their own. Find hair interviews and hair stories to read and indulge in. Take notes as well. You may find something inspiring you to continue on your own hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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