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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Senegalese Twists | How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists
After 4 weeks of the protective style of Senegalese Twists, I'm soooo ready to take out my hair!!! I am so excited and refreshed to have my natural back in my loving and caring hands. This is actually the shortest I had a long-term protective style...but y'all know how it is...you miss your curls.

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

But I'm just saying...when your braids look like this...and your edges look like this...it's time to take out your hair! And just to show you how STEALTH I am...it was Christmas Eve and I had my Santa hat on being festive with my two pigtails. I was trying to go for the Mrs. Claus look...

FIRST DAY: Take Out Braids

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

Section your braids into 4-6 manageable sections. Cut your braids 2 inches below your own natural hair.

Mix water, conditioner, and oil in a spray bottle to lubricate the your braids before taking out. Your hair will be vulnerable and delicate, so this concoction gives your hair moisture and lots of slip to get the braids out and to detangle the shed hair out as well.

As you complete each section, use your oil (I.e. coconut, jojoba, castor, etc.) on that section, then bantu knot that section of hair so it won't get tangled in your braids. I used JBCO and coconut oil.

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

Quick Tip: If you do not finish all the braids in one day, pre-poo what is already done...I was really pre-pooing the hair that was already taken out (took about 2 1/2 days to take out my twists). The pigtails were really braids I had left on the sides of my head. I'M A PROFESSIONAL!


Check out Hair Tips | Washing Regimen For Fine, Natural Hair for more information on the wash day.

How To Safely Take Out Senegalese Twists

Look at all this shed hair!  Well that's from taking out my braids to finishing up styling my hair. Could be breakage in there too...although it was a lot, it had to come out. But that's still a lot of hair to come out my head! No matter how many times hair falls a day. Well, just have to give my hair some TLC

Here is what I tried to alleviate for shedding:

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Black Tea For Strength And Thickness

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Going Green With Green Tea

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Garlic For Many Health Benefits

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Coconut Milk And The Rich Benefits

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

Natural hair says: after you have a long-term style, makes sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of build up, use a protein treatment to strengthen your strands, and deep condition your hair to return the moisture to your strands. Remember to have patience with your hair during this process. Your hair will surely thank you for the TLC!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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