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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Senegalese Twists | The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists

The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists
So it has come to the end of my long-term protective style and the break from doing my natural hair really refreshed me to look for styles to try and to care for my hair again. I really loved my Senegalese twists...but there were some things that I did not love about my hair. I had skinny twists, almost-non-existent-go-bye-bye edges, and my hair got caught on a lot of things!

Let's talk about them!

The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists

Why did I get long twists?!?!

I'm so serious when I ask this...why did I get long Senegalese twists? I'm not talking about bra strap length or even mid-back length. But my twists were to MY BUTT! I'm mean seriously?! First of all, no wonder the braiders took 2 hours longer (usually takes 4-5 hours to do Senegalese twists) to finish up my style. They were SOOOOO LONG! I would accidentally sit on my braids, get them pulled by my baby, get them caught in the car door, and styling would take forever to "wrap and pin" up.

What's that smell?

Oh yea! I don't know who the people are who don't wash their hair at least once during their protective style, but your hair does stink after a while. So get your diluted shampoo or your ACV Rinse to cleanse your hair. If you don't cleanse your hair, best believe your scalp will be disgusting, your twists will have "extra" in it, and you will wreak of old, gross stuff.

The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists

Oh no! Product build up!
See what I'm talking about? That is truly disgusting...but it's Senegalese twist life. If you don't cleanse your hair effectively, you will get unwanted product buildup in your braids. And what's terrible is that most of the product buildup will be along your edges, where you would use your gels and butter to style your baby hairs...now that's frustrating...

Re-do edges or let it go?

I would suggest that if you plan to keep your style for 4-6 weeks, then done worry about getting your edges redone. You would just waste money and time. But if you plan on keeping your style longer than 6 weeks, then get your edges redone around the 4 or 5 week mark. You want to keep your edges fresh and you don't want hanging hair along your edges.

The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists

What is that string of hair?
So I only had my twists in for 4 weeks and my edges are already hanging!!! Like really??? This is not safe for your edges to have hanging hair, because you will continue to pull them when do styles. I guess, that is why I decided to take my hair out after 4 weeks of having them. I started to pick at my hanging twists, like twisting them even more. I knew it was time to take my hair out in a few days...

Who's gonna help me take this out?
Once I made the decision to take out my hair, I honestly didn't think that far of who was gonna help me take out my hair. SOOOO IT WAS ABOUT A 2 1/2 DAYS PROCESS. Yep, I was planning on talking out the middle the first day, then my edges the next day, then make sure all the shed hair was taking out.

Check out my Senegalese Twists Journey:

The Journey Of My Senegalese Twists

Natural hair says: long-term styles are pretty fun to have, which give you a break from doing your own hair. But it does take work to keep your style upkept, sometimes even more than with your natural hair. Give yourself time to care for and style your braids and twists. Patience is still the key.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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