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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My Hair Diary | My Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2014

My Top 5 Natural Hair Mistakes In 2014

Natural Hair Journey
2014 has surely been a great year for me from having my baby boy, to getting a promotion at work, and even learning more of my husband's swag. But I will say I have really accomplished with learning and appreciating my natural hair even more in 2014. I have learned how to moisturize my hair effectively, slay numerous natural hairstyles, created awesome DIY hair products, and stayed with my hair regimen (well for the most part). 

However, with accomplishments there are also mistakes and failures. That is what a healthy hair journey is about! If you do not make the mistakes or going through the failures, there would be no way to make yourself better at caring for your own hair. Well, here are my 5 top natural hair mistakes of 2014:

Striving after length and not focusing on health

At the beginning of the year, I was searching for the right vitamin and hair products to grow my hair. My goal was to have long hair, but I did not make any plans for having healthy hair. There is surely a difference between the two. I spent so much money on hair vitamin and researched all kinds of growth methods (inversion method, brushing techniques, expensive hair growth products).

Do Hair Vitamins Really Grow Hair?
But then I realized that I needed to focus on the health of my hair. And sure enough, once I catered and pampered my hair, the length came. And you know what? It is true that With Health, Comes Length. So, I just picked up some regular vitamins as a supplement and not a hair growth aid and learned to care for my hair effectively...with the length coming as well.

Rushing through style

I don't know why I choose to do my styles after 9pm, but that's just the lifestyle that I'm living being a wife and a mom...nah, let me stop excusing myself. I had no time management at all! I can only blame myself when rushing through a style. I would either plan on a style and not finish it the way I wanted to because time got away from me OR I would think that my hair would be dry enough and took out my set-style before my hair was ready.

Perm Rod Set #Fail
Rushing through a style will not benefit you in any kind of way. So if you do not have the patience or time for a certain style, do something easier or that won't take long and plan for another style for different day. No sense in rushing and your style looks terrible during the day.

Thinking my hairdresser knows how to fully care for my hair

I don't go to the hairdresser often because I can do my own hair. But sometimes I like going just to get my hair pampered. But when I go to the hairdresser, I would always be disappointed in the process that she would do to get my hair to being 'beautiful.' I mean, she claimed she knew how to do natural hair, but her tactics would say otherwise.

From scratching my scalp during washing, trying to detangle my hair with a fine tooth comb, to passing over the flat iron more than once over my coils is way to much for me. But I need to learn to speak up more and go to someone who really knows how to do natural hair.

Not doing research on a particular product and reading labels

I did go on a few bandwagons and purchase the 'new' products of 2014...but I didn't even research the ingredients of the product or read the reviews of others who tried it. I mean, I am supposed to do grocery shopping and find myself in the hair aisle for no reason. Especially if I already have my staple products, I should not even find myself over in the hair aisle...but I'm weak...

Trashing products that work

Where did the smoothie go? What about the loc method? I haven't even seen a few of my tried and true oils in a while. I would rather purchase new products just to try them without researching them than continue to purchase products that work for me. I am not a product junkie...what?! I mean, I am a big fan of CurlKit, but I really don't need the extra products since I know what works for me.

Trial, error, and taking risks are great when you are trying to search for products that work for you. But as for me, I should know better and not purchase certain products because they are anti-shrinkage, liquid gold, and organic. I know what works for me...I need to stick with it!

So here I am going into the new year with a clear cut mind. I know what I need to do to make 2015 my year for healthy hair!

Check out My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey to learn of my new goals to stay on my healthy hair journey.

Natural hair says: setting goals for your hair journey are based on knowing your mistakes and failures of the past. That's is how you are able to have a successful healthy hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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