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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hair Tips | 7 Hair Care Tips To Get You Through This Brisk Winter

7 Hair Care Tips To Get You Through This Brisk Winter

9 degrees below 0, but it really feels like 22 degrees below 0! OMG!!! I already don't like winter at all, but this is making me want to hibernate for the rest of winter.

What are you doing to your hair for this brisk winter?

I'll give you a few tips to get through this cray cray cold winter and to keep your hair from breakage off!

Moisturize like you are INSANE!!!

7 Hair Care Tips To Get You Through This Brisk Winter
I'm talking water all the time! Make sure you keep your hair moisturize when you feel your hair dry.

Test: rub some of your hair between your fingers - if you hear a crunchy, wispy sound then your hair is dry.

Less clarifying, more co washing

7 Hair Care Tips To Get You Through This Brisk Winter
As I Am Coconut Cowash Cleansing Conditioner

Try co washing (washing your hair with conditioner) to keep the moisture in your hair. Co wash in between your shampoo time to keep the moisture afloat in your hair.

Frequent deep conditioning and hot oil treatments

Everywhere you go this winter, it will be dry. So fight this dryness with hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments. I would suggest to deep condition your hair once a week (this is why co washing is important). Do you hot oil treatment before you wash your hair, then do your deep conditioning treatment after your hair is washed.

Seal your ends with heavy oils and creams

I love coconut oil and jojoba oil for my ends and sealing the moisture in...BUT THAT'S NOT ENOUGH! My hair would be dry before I left for work in the morning. So during the winter, I opt for a heavy oil (castor oil) and a heavy cream (shea butter) to protect my ends.

Protective styles are good...very good

Products, Regimen, And Styles For The Cold Months
Protective styling is when you bun, pin, or tuck your ends away to protect from the harsh weather and environment. You can bun, twist, tuck, roll, and braid your hair during the winter time, instead of dealing with your hair daily. This could ultimately wreak havoc on your hair and cause breakage.

Minimize the use of heat

Winter is already dry due to the weather...heat will only dry your hair out even more. So whether you choose to flat iron or blow dry your hair, make sure you have an awesome heat protectant for your hair style.

Cover your hair when going outside

This is an absolute must! It is so important to cover your hair when you go outside in the brisk cold. What is the point to moisturize, seal, and do a protective style just to have the winter cold break your neck with the wind and you find your hair buried in the snow? There is no point!

I love to wear a plastic cap, a satin scarf, and a satin bonnet to not only protect my hair but to do the GHE (Greenhouse effect) on my hair. The GHE promotes moisture retention and hair growth from the warm and steamy environment created with body heat and the plastic cap. I do this at least 4xs a week over my protective style.

7 Hair Care Tips To Get You Through This Brisk Winter

Try these tips out if you are struggling with your hair care regimen this winter. I want to see some hair on your head when it's Spring!

Natural hair says: It's not about the growth right now, but the health of your hair this winter. Think about it...if there is not health, then there is no growth.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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