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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Hair Tests | Vol. 1.1 How Do I Learn My Hair?

How Do I Learn My Hair?
Learning and knowing your hair is a big part of being on a healthy hair journey. There are many ways you can learn what kind of hair you have. Personally, I think these tests are fun and pretty interesting, especially when you learn the results. So why don't you try them!

Below are the tests to find out your hair type, texture, density, porosity, moisture and protein balance, breaking and shedding, elasticity, length, and archetype. I know right? I spend lots of time reading and researching about hair, but that's my thing! Check out it out for yourself:

How Do I Learn My Hair?


Refers to the amount of wave or curl in hair

Here is how to test your hair:
Cleanse your hair - Make sure to rinse your hair of your shampoo/conditioner

Let hair dry - Allow your hair to air dry and don't blow dry, which could change your hair texture

Andre Walker Hair Classification System

A chart using a combination of letters and numbers, from 1 as straight hair to 4c as extremely kinky hair, without manipulation to determine the wave or curl pattern.

1 - Straight
2a - Wavy Swavy
2b - Wavy Curvy
2c - Wavy Whirly
3a - Curly Twirly
3b - Curly Spirally
3c - Curly Coily
4a - Coily Springy
4b - Coily Crimpy


How Do I Learn My Hair?

Image Credit: Excel Math Blog


Refers to the thickness/width of individual strands

Find a shed hair in your hair tool or while detangling your hair

Get some sewing thread - This is used to measure the thickness of your hair strands

Compare your hair strand to the thread - If your hair is really curly, stretch it out to measure (it is easier to tape down the hair and thread to measure for width)

Thick/coarse - wider than the piece of thread
Medium - about the same width as the pieces of thread
Thin/fine - thinner than the piece of thread

How Do I Learn My Hair?

High Density
Images Credit: Naturally Curly


Refers to the number of individual strands close together on your scalp

Part hair in the middle - You can use a comb or your finger to separate the two sides

Hold one side of the part - Move the section around to see the roots of your hair

Check the strands on your scalp - Look at your roots and see how many strands cover a square inch

Thick/High: don't see scalp at all
Medium - see some scalp
Thin/Low - see a lot of scalp

Test different parts - you may have different spots with different densities

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How Do I Learn My Hair?

Image Credit: Roots To Tips


Refers to how your hair strands retain moisture
Get shedding hair strands - Get from brush or shower wall (after washing)
Get a cup of water - Use a clear cup/glass to see your hair strands from all sides
Float your hair in the water - Place (not push) your hair on top of the water
Observe what happens
Low - strand floats and does not sink at all
Medium - strand sinks slowly to the bottom
High/Porous - strand sinks quickly to the bottom

Hair Tests | Vol. 1.5 What Is My Hair Porosity?  

How Do I Learn My Hair?

Product Review: Indian Hemp Masque

Moisture and Protein Balance

Refers to the balance of the strength and the retained moisture in the hair
Take 5 strands from your head (top, middle, left, right, and bottom)
Wet each strand of hair
Hold each end of the hair and stretch it
Balance - Hair stretches slightly and returns to normal length
Heavy Protein - Hair stretches and continues to stretch a little more then breaks
Light Protein - Hair stretches and stretches and stretches with no breakage
Need Protein - looks limp and feels mushy to the touch 
Need Moisture - sounds crunch or raspy when touched, see small pieces on everything, no bulbs on the ends of fallen strands


How Do I Learn My Hair?

Hair Archetype

Refers to building a hair care regimen based off current routine.

Based on The 5 Hair Archetypes: Your Guide To Growing Long Hair , written by Sharifa Barnett, this book explains 5 different archetypes by the current hair regimens, pros and cons of each, and how to continue on a healthy hair journey. The archetypes are:

Minimalist - the 'less is more' low manipulation and simple regimen
Shopaholic - the 'product junkie' who can never have too many products
Extentionist - changing up her styles from wigs, weave, braids, and sew-ins
Kitchenista - herbs, oils, and food ingredients are all she needs for her hair
Gadget Gal - all hot tools are used for any style

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Check out 7 Tips On How To Pick The Best Hair Products For You on Black Hair Information for more tips!

Natural hair says: try out these test to learn more about your hair, your current hair regimen, and how to effectively care for your hair to continue on your healthy hair journey.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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