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Friday, January 2, 2015

My Hair Diary | My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

So now that you know my mistakes and failures of 2014, here are my goals for 2015 to continue on my healthy hair journey:

My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

Castor Oil For Growth 

Use castor oil religiously

I will definitely keep up with massaging my scalp at least 4 times a week with castor oil, which is my favorite oil to use. I will love to try castor oil in my deep conditioner for more conditioning benefits. I can keep up with this goal.


Throw out my Denman and wide tooth comb...finger detangle only

They absolutely need to go! I will definitely stick with finger detangling only. I noticed that mostly of my styles don't need my hair to be fully un-coiled like, flat twists, perm rod sets, buns. I actually love the frizz in all of my styles, so why not throw the hair tools away (or just keep them in storage). Now I will keep my rat tail comb to make parts in my hair for certain styles, but I will try this out and see how I like it.

Learn more hairstyles

My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

THE POWER!!! It's all in
my FINGERS now!
I definitely have the natural hairstyles down! I would like to learn how to do better crochet braids with Marley hair and other types of hair as well (*note - predip Marley hair before installing if wanting a curly style)

Do more research into hair care

I feel this is important for me as a natural hair blogger and a healthy hair advocate to further my education in hair care. Whether it is researching through books, websites, blogs, YouTube, or seminars, I want to continue to learn more. As I do, my own healthy hair journey will flourish into success and I will be able to help others with their own as well.

Do the Curly Girl Method

As my hair becomes longer with more coils to care for, my regimen changes up as well. I have done so much research on the Curly Girl Method, and now I am ready to change up my hair regimen for my own hair needs. Basically, I won't use any products with sulfates (drying to the hair), products with silicones (unwanted product build up on hair), heat (damaging to the hair follicles), and co wash (wash hair with conditioner).

The only thing I will do is continue to clarify my hair with Rhassoul clay once a month and use As I Am co wash or Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle conditioner weekly. I believe my hair will benefit from the Method.

Experiment with DIY products

In 2014, I found a love for creating my own hair products for my own hair needs. I actually have lots of fun creating my own hair products. I know exactly what is in my hair products and I know what I am using is healthy for my hair needs.

Attend natural hair meet ups and events

I would love to hang out with other naturalistas in Indy. There is actually a natural hair meet up group in Indy called the Naturalistas in Nap, where they have seminars, watch movies, have conventions, and just hang out as natural sistas. I think I would have lots of fun with them and benefit from the encouragement and support these sistas would give.

Have natural hair inspiration

I'm not one to be envious or jealous of another naturalista's hair...and never will be. But I have found myself to use other naturalistas as natural hair inspiration of where I will be one day. For 2015, my natural hair inspirations are:


My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

Check out her YouTube channel!

Naptural85 YouTube channel is great for learning simple and more intricate hair styles, DIY recipes, and learn how to care for your own hair. She gives great tips on how to keep moisture, ways to style a dud, and to achieve length retention.

Cipriana Quann

My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

Although her hair looks thick, Cipriana has fine hair just like me. I like to follow and evolve her tips for caring for  my own fine, natural hair. I have been using some of her suggestions and I can already see my hair cooperating from a few of her tips.


My 2015 Goals For My Natural Hair Journey

Check out her Instagram page!
Her hair is absolutely gorgeous and her personality really makes me smile! We don't have the same hair texture or regimen, but I love looking at her hair! #haircrush

Love my hair unconditionally

This is very important in any healthy hair journey. My hair is a crown of glory that God has blessed me with, so I have nothing but love for my hair. I do get frustrated and overwhelmed with my hair, but I wish of nothing else on my scalp. I thank God everyday for my hair and I am very thankful for the journey I have had and the journey I will embark on this year with my hair.

Natural hair says: if you know the mistakes you faced with your hair, you will be able to plan for goals and inspirations for the next year. Plan for goals for your hair and see how far you can go. Write them down in a notebook, on your phone, in a calendar book, or on your forehead, but have a plan. Good luck this year!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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