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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives
What is natural hair?

I would consider natural as 'having no relaxer or chemical in your hair that causes your hair to straighten or to loosen your natural curl, coil, or kink."

I am proud to say that this Natural Beauty In My Life is definitely a naturalista and embodies the love of her own hair. Having 3a /curly hair and being mixed with Hawaiian, Mexican, and Japanese, I have always loved her hair! Not envious or jealous in any way, I just loved the fact that she embraces her own natural curls and twirls..

Ms. Rachel, who is my future sister-in-law, is so laid back that when I said, "Hey! I want to give you a hair interview!" She said, "Cool. When?" Well, here she is:

Rachel And The Curl She Lives

All About My Natural

How long have you been natural?
All my life

How would you describe your hair?

Long, curly, my identity
Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives

How long is your hair?
Pretty far down my back while curly, so I could only imagine how much further down my butt it would be if straight.

What made you stay natural as opposed to getting a relaxer?
I like being different.

What do you love most about your hair?
Unique and naturally multi colored.

How do you feel being a naturalista?
Great. I wouldn't want it any other way.

All About My Regimen And Products

What are your fav hair products?
Paul Mitchell gel

Where do you get these products?

Walmart salon area

What is your hair routine like?
shower- shampoo and conditioner. brush while still in the shower and with the conditioner in. dry hair and then apply gel. if I am not going anywhere after my shower, then I will tie back in a bun so that if I end up going somewhere, ill will wet my hair from the sink and apply gel.

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives
What is your Wash Day like?
stated above. I shower every day for the most part.

Are you improving your hair routine or do you have it down?
I think I have my routine down.

Do you make any DIY products for your hair?
I do not make any products for my hair at home. I would if I knew anything that I needed though.

How do you handle your edges?
I don't really do anything different for my edges.

Do you trim your hair?
I do not trim my hair and I haven't since the seventh grade (10 years).

All About My Styling

What are your favorite natural hair styles?
I generally just wear my hair down.

What styles would you like to try?

I think maybe some old school Alicia Keys with braids on one side but just on the top of my head and with the rest out would be nice.

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives
Do you have any faux/extension styles you like?
I don't have a need for extensions. I have a lot of hair as it is.

What are some things you see other naturalistas doing that you just cannot seem to do?
With my hair, it is more of if I would want to do it or not, because my hair is normally not good after one day.

Do you use heat on your hair?
I absolutely do not use heat on  my hair.

Do you color your hair?
I absolutely do not color my hair either.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed or frustrated about your hair?
I sometimes feel frustrated with the fact that I cant have a hair style for more than a day. With my daughter, Lauren, her hair doesn't generally doesn’t last more than a half a day without edges coming out or without getting extremely poofy or frizzy.

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives

All About Others and My Natural

What are other's reactions to your hair? Like family, friends, and strangers.
people generally just  comment on my hair saying that they love it, wish they could have it, or that they want mine.
Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel And The Curl She Lives

Do you mind when strangers touch your hair?

I don't like random people touching my hair, but they do. I especially don’t like people touching Lauren's hair because hers gets so frizzy.

All About My Memories And Experiences

What has been the most memorable part of your hair journey?
Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel
 And The Curl She Lives
for my hair, it was learning how to French braid my own hair. and I have been learning new tricks from youtube for my children’s hair. Like I learned how to do corn rows for my sons hair.

Was that the biggest mistake of your hair journey or are there other hair regrets?

Well when I was little, I used to wear my hair half up/half down with a clip and my hair caught on fire at a campfire and I didn't even know until after my mom was pounding on my head… another regret was when I moved to Indiana and we thought I would get a trim. they ended up cutting it in wrong and souring me on people cutting my hair.

Do you have any fav natural hair websites, blogs, YouTube videos, or books?
I’ve only seen desire my natural.

All About My Goals and Inspirations

What are your goals for your natural hair?
Just to keep growing it I suppose. And to keep it nice and healthy... but for my daughter, I would really like to find more tricks to help maintain her hair.

Anything else to add about your natural hair journey?

nothing else for mine, but for Lauren, her hair is just so much thicker and uncontrollable than mine.  

Natural Beauty In My Life | Rachel
And The Curl She Lives
Anything inspiration to others you are wanting to be natural?
Natural beauty is the only way to go.

Thank you sis for doing this this natural hair interview for my site! I'm sure you will inspire others with your hair journey. You surely have inspired me!

Natural hair says: try looking for hairspirations that match your hair type, where you want your hair to be, or just the style of the hair. Hairspirations are meant for insight and hair love, not jealousy and envy. No two journeys are alike, but it great to have pictures to inspire you along your hair journey.


Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


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