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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Some More Hair Practices We Do That Everyone Says Are Bad For Us


I have already discussed some hair practices in an earlier article that we do that others are like, "Soooo you shouldn't use that...use this instead." I mean really? That can be so irritating and very frustrating when I am trying to learn my own hair by doing trial and error and you try to save me with your 'education' and 'wisdom.' Seriously, going natural an overwhelming experience and already being natural with staple products makes the experience as simple as possible...so why add more stress?

Well, here are a few more hair practice we tend to do that everyone else says are 'bad for us.' Check out the article!

Some More Hair Practices We Do that Everyone Says Are Bad for Us

Natural hair says gaining hair care information is awesome, but whatever you choose to do for your hair, make sure they are healthy hair practices. If you are happy using a product, don't let another person say 'you shouldn't use that because...' You are your own hair guru and you should know what is best for your own hair.

Always Desire Your Natural,

 Christina J

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