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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Contributing Article | 5 Things You Should Not Say To Relaxed-Haired Women

Contributing Article | 5 Things You Should Not Say To Relaxed-Haired Women

I am tired of all this "natural this and natural that!" What the crap?! What happened to sisterly love yall! Being natural is a choice for your own self and not, "IF YOU NOT NATURAL, YOU AIN'T NOTHING!!" That is not what being natural is all about...

Remember when you first went natural? Maybe it was a big deal when you transitioned and maybe it was nothing to you when you got your “sistah-gurl” on and did the Big Chop, either way becoming a naturalista is a life-changing experience for all who choose that journey.

Here are 5 things a naturalista shouldn’t say to relaxed-haired women:

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So in the end, we all say it:  do what’s best for you and your hair. If a woman wants to get a relaxer and stay on the creamy crack, let her do her thing. I absolutely love, love, love having natural hair...but I will not, NOT, NOT, make another woman who is not natural feel inferior because of her hair choice.

Natural hair says: There are some women who just don’t like the natural look for them and should not have to explain why they relax their hair…just like why we chose to be naturalistas. Don’t be a pushy naturalista and try to recruit newbie naturals this way.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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