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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Crochet Braids | Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid

Check her out! I absolutely love her Cuban Twist crochet set!

The time has come to try crochet braiding again! I really do love this protective style. It can look natural and the installation is simple and time effective.

What's not to like about crochet braids?!

So here I am with my Freetress Cuban Twist hair ready to work.

My first reaction is that this hair texture has the most natural look (more than Marley hair), but the texture is not a soft texture. So I know I  need to detangle my hair thoroughly with a cream or butter and my Denman brush. Also the Cuban Twist hair is pre parted, which would make it easy to work with for the style I want.

I want the cute-curly look...and I'm allergic to steam creeping up my neck and face, with a fear of second degree burns. Yea...so I'm going to pre dip the hair, which is easier for me. I picked up 3 packs of hair (but only used 2 1/2 for the actual style) for 5.99 each in the hair colors 1 (jet black), 1b (off-black), and 27 (caramel-blonde). I also cut the hair in half to have a curly-shoulder length style.

Braiding Pattern

I separated my hair from ear to ear to have a top and bottom section, so my hair would lay flat against my head (for a more natural look). I flat braided 6 braids at the bottom and a specific braiding pattern on top to allow my crochet braids to fall a certain way and to have a natural part. I used bobby pins to pin the braids in a flattened set. I also used my oil mixture to massage my scalp.

The Braiding Hair

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid
I decided to use Freetress Cuban Twist for the most natural look. Plus I watched so many crochet braids tutorials with this hair and I continue to fall in love with Cuban Twist hair.

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid
Here is the hair straight out of the pack. I used my Crème de la Crème and Denman brush to help detangle the hair and to smooth the hair out.

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid
I did pre-dip my hair before installing...I'm afraid to get burned YA FEEL ME! Check out how to pre dip Marley and Cuban Twist hair! It's so simple and easy to do.

Crochet Braids

Check out my full tutorial Crochet Braids: LOME Marley Braid Hair...the entire process:
  • how to cleanse the faux hair
  • how to prep your own hair
  • a possible braiding pattern (but I like today's much better!)
  • how to crochet the faux hair in your own hair 
Also, check out tutorials on YouTube to learn how to do crochet braids. The ones I like are

I knotted the Cuban Twist hair ONLY ONCE because the hair is so thick and tough in texture that it will surely stay and I didn't want my knots too bulky..

Once done, I shook my hair and flexed for 5 minutes. I'm so in love with this install! Freetress Cuban Hair is the truth!!!! I will try to keep this style at least 4 weeks. I will also sleep on my satin pillow case. The bonnet will crush my curls and I will be more comfortable.

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid

This took my 2 hours to pre dip, 1 hour to braid my hair, and 1 hour to crochet my hair. Just the ease of crochet braids makes the style all worth the while to learn and try many times over and over again!

Crochet Braids Freetress Equal Cuban Twist Braid

Have you tried Freetress Cuban Twist hair for crochet braids?

Protective Style Series Vol 3.5 | How To Safely Remove Crochet Braids

Natural hair says: crochet braids is an awesome protective style for the fall and winter seasons and they are very stylish. You can make your install as natural as possible. Crochet braids are not what they used to be!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Brit B6/17/2015

    I love this look! So nice. Crochet braids as really come up! I love it :)

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it =D


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