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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Garlic For Natural Hair And Many Health Benefits

Garlic For Natural Hair And Many Health Benefits
Since the end of December, my hair has been shedding excessively! I mean, to the point where I would touch my hair and have loose strands would be on my hands. I know my hair is shedding because of the white bulb I see on each end and the long piece of hair that comes out my hair. So no, my hair is not breaking off. But this is still too much of shed hair for me! It's a really scary feeling yall!!!

I'm thinking it is because I got my hair flat ironed back in November just for a change and I do have fine texture, which I believe NOW that any kind of direct heat is detrimental to my hair. SOOOO it is possible that heat damage is the cause of my excessive hair shedding fiasco. *sigh*

So instead of chopping my damaged ends off on cue, I decided to find an alternative way to curb the excessive shedding so that I can at least do my styling in peace. So the first natural alternative is: Garlic Treatment.

What are the hair benefits of garlic?

Not only does garlic taste great with pasta and gives you garlic breath, but it leaves you with so many benefits for your hair. Garlic is compounded of Sulphur, Zinc, Allicin, and Calcium by adding circulation and blood flow to your scalp. It is also an antibiotic and antifungal vegetable. Garlic nourishes the hair by stimulating the blood flow in the scalp.

Using garlic will help decrease hair fall, promote regeneration of new hair strands, and remove harmful toxins from your scalp. It does promotes hair growth, while adding shine to your hair.

Adding garlic to your pre poo, deep conditioner, and/or shampoo will allow your hair to reap the many benefits of doing a garlic treatment.

My experience

I peeled and minced an entire garlic. Once diced to my liking, I put 1/4 of water and the garlic in my blender and blended on low for about 5 minutes. I used my bowl and strainer to get the necessary "pudding like" substance out for the treatment. I threw away the excess garlic chunks and added the garlic treatment to my hair in 5 sections. I put my plastic cap, satin scarf, and satin bonnet on my hair and kept the treatment on overnight.

Garlic For Natural Hair And Many Health Benefits

In the morning I washed the garlic treatment out and proceeded with my wash day regimen.

My thoughts

Let me just say that this treatment STANK up my entire house! I STANK, my clothes STANK, my kitchen STANK, my bathroom STANK, my fingers STANK, everything just STANK! I don't even know if the treatment worked completely because I was not paying attention to my hair at the time. I felt so self conscious when I went to work the day after (I should have done this over the weekend).

I am so serious when I say raw garlic is just that RAW!

Garlic For Natural Hair
And Many Health Benefits

Let's just say I threw everything away and used so much Clorox and cleaning equipment that my entire house smelled of bleach. Yes, this treatment may work and even curb the shedding...but I will not sacrifice everything I own for a hair treatment. I rather use garlic shampoo or odorless garlic supplements to reap the benefits of garlic. With that being said...


I have a bag of garlic...who wants it?

Natural hair says: do your research and find the products and treatments that are just right for you. What may work for some may not work for others. Try out different things and make your judgment on the results and your feelings. If you feel uncomfortable with something, don't continue with it. Move on to something else.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

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