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Friday, February 27, 2015

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Black Tea For Strength And Thickness

Black Tea For Strength And Thickness
Moving way-way-way-away from using the garlic treatment, I did more research and found the benefits of using tea in a hair regimen for healthy hair. I'm just so amazed at the different things I can use  right in kitchen for my hair!

What is a tea rinse?

The tea is brewed according to the box, allowing the tea to steep and cool, then pouring the tea over your hair for the treatment. The tea stays for about 20-30 minutes before rinsing out or adding your deep conditioner for that treatment.

What are the benefits of tea?

Herbal tea rinses have been used for years, centuries, and eons to restore the shine, strengthen the hair, and naturally soften the hair. The caffeine in the tea penetrates the hair strands to stimulate hair growth, reduce hair shed, and to thicken the hair strands. Each type of tea has their own specific benefits for hair health.

Teas to use:

Black - highest amount of caffeine, strengthen and thickens hair strands, restores color and shin, and slows down the amount of hair shed

Green - stimulates hair growth and reduces shedding hair

Hibiscus - promotes hair growth, filled with vitamin C, strengthens the hair strands, seals hair cuticles

Nettle - alleviates dandruff and psoriasis, promotes hair growth, and strengthens the hair strands

Chamomile - brightens the hair and helps to stimulate hair growth

My experience

I decided to use black tea*, because it has the highest level of caffeine content and so many benefits to help with excessive shedding. I brewed 4 bags of black tea according to the box and let it sit until cool, then added the black tea to a spray bottle. I used the brew and sprayed the tea all over my hair, while focusing on my ends. Massaging my scalp for about 2 minutes, I left the black tea on for about 10 minutes before adding my deep conditioner on top of the black tea. I deep conditioned with a plastic cap, beanie, and satin bonnet for an hour (while exercising), then thoroughly washed the mixture out with cool water.

Black Tea For Strength And Thickness

My thoughts

I really liked how tough my hair felt after rinsing the black tea and deep conditioner out my hair...but that's just it...my hair was TOO TOUGH and TOO HARD! I mean, it was so tough that I was not able to style my hair correctly. Yes, the shedding stopped right then but I was not able to do anything else to my hair. I suppose the high amounts of caffeine really did it's job by adding protection for my hair. But using black tea was way too much for my thin hair...

Black Tea For Strength And Thickness


Natural hair says: continue to do your research for the best products and treatments for your hair. What may work for some may not work for others. Know your hair first, that way you will know if certain things work for your hair or not.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J

*I used the cheapest black tea...no need to splurge your refund check.


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