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Monday, March 30, 2015

Contributing Article | 5 Hair Care Books That Should Be On Your Book Shelf Now

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5 Hair Care Books That Should Be On Your Book Shelf Now 
Time to head to the library!

Along with my adventure and romance novels, of course I am going to pick up a hair care book to reference about my natural hair. I could go to the internet and look up the information I need, but I like to just sit down and enjoy a good book about curly, coily, and kinky hair care.

We have become a microwave society, meaning we want everything fast, right now, and in a hurry. In terms of hair care, we want our hair to grow now, be thick now, and be healthy now.

Sometimes we just need to slow it down and do the research from books. These books are not only filled with useful information, but they are great investments for your own hair care future and will fill in the missing pieces that you just cannot get from the internet:

Which books have helped you on your hair journey?

Natural hair says: there is nothing wrong with searching for information and tips you need from the Internet. But pick up a good hair care reference book about your own curly, coily, and kinky hair to fill in those gaps you missed or don't understand.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Jackie3/31/2015

    I have Curly Girl and Better Than Good Hair. I also love The Natural Hair Bible by Breanna Rutter. That's a great book to have on deck. I feel books have helped me more than online sites, which are more based off of experiences and trial/error. Books are based on science, research, and testimony. I'll have to check out the other books!

  2. Oh I love the natural hair bible! That is one of my favorite reference books =D I also love the 5 archetypes. This helped me to take my regimen further by creating my own hair products. I love hair care books as well. So much information that can really help you understand your hair


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