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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hair Tips | African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

African Threading For Hair Growth And Retention

I love blow outs and always have, just to try something different than my shrinkage...but I despise heat, especially since my hair strands are so thin and fine. So I looked up ways to achieve elongated hair from two strand twists to banding. I found African Threading or 'Nwele' (which means 'hair' in Swahili) originated in African for a safe way to stretch hair for wearing and styling. Sewing or weaving thread is used to stretch tightly coiled hair to its maximum length.

Let's Get To It!

The process took me about an hour and 30 minutes to complete and I was going pretty slow, since this is my first time.
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

Start on freshly washed  and conditioned hair. Air-dry until hair is about 80% damp

Detangle and apply your leave-in and have your water bottom nearby - I used water, flaxseed gel, and coffee infused oil.

Section your hair in 3 parts (top, middle, bottom) to easily manage your hair. Start at the bottom and part your hair in half. Work with one section at a time.

Measure the thread about 3 times the length of your hair  - My hair is APL, so I measured from head to hip 3 times.

With the first section, snugly (I didn't say tightly to wear it hurts) wound the thread a few times around the roots and twist around that section of hair until you reach the bottom. Detangle along the way when needed.

African Threading For Heatless Blow Out
I used ponytail holders and thread for a modified version, since it was a bit tough to wrap my roots with the weaving thread. 

African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

Snugly wrapped the ponytail holder around the roots and I twisted my thread around my section pretty closely. I tried not to leave too many spaces and detangled with my fingers while wrapped with the thread. To keep my hair damp and supple, I used my flaxseed gel and water mist.
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

Once you reach about 1/4 inch of the end, stop. Secure the thread by knotting ONCE in a bunny loop or a regular knot around the hair section - Once completed, I added my coffee oil to the ends.
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

Continue with the rest of your hair until complete - I did 8 sections of African Threading. Allow to air dry for a few hours or overnight.
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out
Once dry, undo the knot at the bottom and pull the thread. Pulling the thread should allow your hair to be unwound like a 'fan.' But if not, take the time to unwound the hair gentle and slowly.
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out
Once out take the ponytail holders out gently
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out
Use your fingers or wide-tooth comb to create the blow out
African Threading For Heatless Blow Out

Enjoy your heatless blow out!

I absolutely love my shrinkage, but I can dig the blow out look! I think I will do this once a month during the Spring and Summer time, just for something different. I really like the look!

Natural hair says: if you are looking for a heatless way to stretch your hair or get the blow out look, try African Threading! It's easy and definitely something to try.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Danielle3/25/2015

    Nice! I'll try this method this weekend :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Let me know how it works out for you! Thanks for stopping by =D

  3. Electric Relaxation5/30/2015

    I love it. It turned out great on you. Thanks for the written instructions. I used your metro with the ponytail holders to secure the sections because, I too, had difficulties wrapping the thread around my sections securely. I'm excited to see my results! Thanks again!

  4. You should! It's not time consuming and it's way better than using a blow dryer. You are able to keep the moisture in your hair and the results are really nice.

  5. Awe thanks a bunch! I really appreciate it. Yes! It would take me a while to only use the thread, until I decided to use ponytail holders and that surely makes a difference in keeping the roots straight. Please tag me! I would love to see your results. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Admirer7/15/2015

    Yassssssss!!! Now that's a method to try for a heatless blowout. Where do you get the thread?

  7. I purchased the thread from the BSS for like $1 a small spool. This lasts for a really long time (I even reuse some of the thread too lol) Thanks for stopping by!


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