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Friday, March 13, 2015

Healthy Hair Ingredient | Standard Henna Treatment For Natural Hair

Standard Henna Treatment For Natural Hair
Jamila Henna in powder form
I have been following Indian women and kitchenista naturalistas in how to care for hair with natural alternatives. I learned about the awesome benefits of using coconut oil and coconut milk. So now I'm evolving my natural hair regimen with more herbs and plants. Today, I'm going to talk about HENNA for hair! I know right? The stuff made to do tattoos, especially in the Spring and Summer. But I surely did not know that HENNA can be used for hair!

What is HENNA?

Henna is a plant that has been used as a dye, also known as Lawsone. It was also widely used in India, where it is still a popular form of temporary body art to this day.

What are the benefits of using HENNA?

  • Promotes growth due to antibacterial and antifungal properties
  • Strengthens the hair and less prone to damage
  • Thickens hair and alleviates hair shedding
  • Balance hair porosity and flattens the hair cuticle for a healthier appearance
  • Reduces and eliminates dandruff

Standard Henna Recipe:

Standard Henna Treatment For Natural Hair

100g henna (make sure it is the most recent Summer crop)
4 tea bags
2 cups water
1 tbsp. honey
Microwave/plastic bowl with top
Saran wrap

While Applying Henna, Use:

Plastic cap
Saran wrap
Old Bonnet
Knee-high sock (optional, but recommended)
Old towel
Old T-shirt
Applicator brush (optional)
Vaseline (optional, but recommended)
Bobby pins (optional)
I purchased Jamila Henna from Amazon, which was about $15 for 6 (free shipping). This henna is of Summer crop 2014, which is recent.

Pour the henna in the bowl. Brew the green tea according to the box and allow to cool. Once the green tea is cool, pour SLOWLY in the henna to get a green paste. Place the saran wrap over the henna then cover the bowl with a top.

Allow to sit overnight for the dye to be released (if that's what you are aiming for).

Once you dye has released, add the honey in the mixture. Give the henna once more 'spoonage' (mix it up). The henna is ready...

Start on clean hair...

Have EVERYTHING ready before even touching the henna!

Put your gloves on (unless you want orange nails and fingers). Rub Vaseline on your ears, forehead, and neck so you won't get any stains from the henna.

Standard Henna Treatment For Natural Hair
Wrapped up tight...no henna
on MY pillow tonight!!
Section your hair in 4-6 sections. Start in the back and apply the henna to the roots (with your applicator brush or hands) and work your way to the ends. Squeeze and rub the henna down the section to make sure it is fully coated.

Once applied, wrap your hair in a bantu knot (use bobby pin to secure if necessary) and move on to the next section.

Apply VERY SLOWLY...there is no need to rush. Once your hair is full of henna and bantu knots, wrap your hair with saran wrap, plastic cap, knee-high sock (just in case henna tries to seep out), and an old bonnet.

Allow to sit over night to set (especially if you want the color) and rinse out (not while you are in the shower) with your head leaning over  the bathtub. Use the shower head or bathtub head to rinse the henna out THOROUGHLY. This could 3-7 rinses depending on how much henna is in your hair and how long your hair is. Use conditioner if you need help with rinsing the henna out.

Once the water runs clear from your hair, proceed with deep conditioning your hair. Henna is considered a great protein treatment which could leave your hair dry (that's why the honey was used to add moisture to the mix). 

My Experience

Mixing the henna was really easy. Just 1-2-3 was all that was needed...didn't take much. Before I used the henna, I cleansed my hair with Rhassoul clay, then got all my stuff together...on my bedroom floor...and got to work. My bedroom has a wall length and floor length mirror, so it was easier for me to apply on the floor where I wouldn't be set up to make any messes.

While watching Rush Hour 3, I did my henna session...I moved sooooooo slow. I wanted to make sure that every inch of my hair had henna applied. And once all the henna was applied and saran wrap, plastic cap, knee high sock, and old bonnet were on my head, I slept with it overnight. I started around 7pm and finished at 9pm.

I rinsed it out THOROUGHLY with no conditioner...it did take about 10 minutes to fully rinse the henna out, while I leaned over the bathtub using the shower head (there were no stains).

Standard Henna Treatment For Natural Hair
Do you see red on my roots?!?!

Once rinsed out, I continued with my deep conditioning session for an hour and styled in a perm rod set. 

My Thoughts

Let me just say that I absolutely love henna! I was scared at first, but once I got to the styling I did notice my hair being stronger (even more than using a regular protein treatment)! Instead of 2 cups of water I will do 1.5 to make the henna thicker and not too "soupy"...so it won't leak out when I sleep...I will continue with different recipes of henna at least twice a month for 90 days (full review at the end of May) and I will choose my main mix of henna then!


"What-When-Where-How Do I Start?"

If you have questions, interests, or just plain confused about henna, I can help you with that information! These are the articles that helped me out a great deal! Check out:
My Abbreviated Henna Routine 2013    
DIY Henna/Amla DC

Also, check out some YouTube videos to get the full understanding of Henna! I watched these videos over and over and over 20 times over to understand fully:
DIY Strengthening Deep Conditioner

Natural hair says: if your hair is fine, thin, damaged, excessively shedding, or you just want a good conditioning session, try using henna. There are no risks and you can get some awesome color just in time for Spring!

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Yes! Thanks for posting this. Ive been looking for helpful henna information for natural hair everywhere. You literally put everything in one place lol thanks for posting and I love your perm rod set

  2. Oh for sure! I got confused about henna myself and there were so many great references. So I just made a list to help others. I don't mind sharing. Thanks for the love!

  3. I appreciate that <3 Thank you!


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