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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Contributing Article | The Truth About Your Favorite Hair Guru

natural hair gurus
The Truth About Your Favorite Hair Guru: 3 Tips On How You Can Become Your Own Guru

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In the natural hair community, we tend to call our hair crushes “the natural hair guru.” But what is a guru? According to a regular dictionary, a guru is a person who advises, counsels, and mentors on a specific subject that he/she is mastered in.

The guru has “know it all” in his/her field of study, expertise, and research. So when you hear your friend say, “OMG! You have to check her out. She is a natural hair guru!” Her favorite naturalista “knows” everything there is to know about natural hair…that’s what I am referring to.

Well, let me debunk this for you. Hair gurus don’t exists! Now wait a minute, before you reach for the comment box and go off on me continue to read:

Check out my article The Truth About Your Favorite Hair Guru: 3 Tips On How You Can Become Your Own Guru on Black Hair Information!

Natural Hair Says: remember that her hair is not your hair. It is great to use her tips, but evolve your own and share with others. What works for one, won’t work for all and no one knows your hair better than you.

Always Desire Your Natural,

Christina J


  1. Jackie3/31/2015

    Great article. I had to learn to let my hair crushes go so I could learn my own hair

  2. Thanks a bunch! I was subscribed to so many things that it started to overwhelm me. So I unsubscribed to a lot and only kept the ones that either had diy products or tutorials for cute styles. Everything else was useless for me because my regimen is crisp now. But I do appreciate all who have shared their helpful information.

  3. Wow that makes so much sense! I just unsubscribed from a lot of youtube channels, not because I don't like them. But I have to take their tips and make my own. I appreciate this one. Great read! And your site is pretty cool :)

  4. Love it! I usually start off my styling videos with a speech about how much of a non styling "guru" I am lol. I SUCK! I do love watching styling tutorials but always always remind myself that my hair is able to do/not do certain things and it doesn't matter how "on point", moisturized, defined etc my twist-out might look, I will not end up with this huuuuge amount of volume (no matter what product or the process I apply my products) because I have fine hair so I accept and love what I do have and move on :D

  5. Exactly! I have evolved a bunch of others tips and hacks for my own hair. I only have a few that I follow for styling purposes and DIY recipes. Other than that, I don't really need to "learn" my natural. I have that down. Thanks for the love!!

  6. Oh you are silly! And I think you are a guru in DIY! You always come up with the most helpful and innovative ways to care for natural hair. Especially for fine hair, because that's what I have too. So I mix up what you suggest and create a recipe for my own hair. Big props to you! PS I can't get volume either lol

  7. Oh I really enjoy sharing my experiences to help another. That's how I learned, from others' experiences. A hair journey doesn't have to be hard either. My is actually so much fun, just learning my hair and do DIYs are fun to me. But you are right! We share and learn from each other. It's absolutely awesome to continue to learn and help others


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